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Saturday, 22 May 2010

What do you think?

I've had some shocking news this afternoon & just had to do something....

I've made a card for a family friend. Her daughter (47) has died in her sleep. The funeral was yesterday but it was thought best that I wasn't told until today for reasons I understand.

Do you think this card would be appropriate to send?

I need to colour in the image but feel a bit too wobbly just yet & won't be posting until Monday.

Do you think the flower is too much? & do you think I should cut the greenery off?

I value all my visitors opinions & would love to know your thoughts.

My friend loved angels & so does her mum & daughters so I think the image is okay.

Will try & keep the colours muted. Do you think the image is okay?

Thanking you for your help. Love Gez.xx


  1. Oh Gez. I'm so sorry to hear your news. I really love your card. The flower looks lovely as it is and I really love the angel design.
    Sending you huge hugs,
    A x
    ps as always I'm here for you if you need a friend x

  2. I think that's absolutely an appropriate card to send, Gez. I don't think the flower is OTT at all and the green bits look fine, they help to give it some definition from the background. I think the image is great, especially if there's already an affinity with angels - well done, it must have been hard to do this so soon after hearing.

  3. I too think it is very appropriate. The image has as you say a connection and I think the flower is beautiful and a reminder of a beautiful daughter.
    Sorry that you had to make it in such unfortunate circs.

  4. Its gorgeous Gez. I love the flowers and wouldn't remove anything. I would use soft colours!

    Sorry to hear your sad news.

    Love Kerry xx

  5. It's lovely - you will know what's best - you always make such perfect cards so I am sure it will be right for this sad occasion.. Rainbow vibes from me.

  6. I am so so sorry you have received such sad news !!! Your card is PERFECT and has been made with such love !!! I would not take anything away from it at all !! HUGS AND FRIENDSHIP

  7. Awful news, but I would leave the card as is, very appropiate for the sad occassion.
    Christine x

  8. so sorry to hear your news Gez x Your card is beautiful - the flower perfect and your love and care priceless xx Janet

  9. The card is exactly right for such a sad time. I would leave it just as it is and as has already been suggested use muted colours for the angel. x

  10. I, too, think the card is just right. Love the words and the stamp and the flower finishes it off. Well done at such a difficult time.xx

  11. beautiful stamps, I think once they are coloured the flower will not seem to stand out quite so much. So sorry that you have had to make this card, it is always hard when someone close to your own age passes away. Just remember all that she was to you and what she would have wanted you to do. XXX

  12. Beautiful card and I am sure it would be appreciated as it is. So very sorry for your friend's loss, it must be terrible for her. Hugs Anesha

  13. Gez I am so sorry to hear about your friend, one minute you have good news and the next bad, poor you. The card is perfect I wouldn't change a thing and like you say keep the colours muted, I am sure it will be appreciated.
    Huge Hugs Pat xx

  14. Hi Gez
    You really are having a rocky time my love and if I had a magic wand I'd wave it your way. Whatever you do on the card will be right because it is sent with love and respect.
    x Michelle

  15. Oh Gez what a shock for you and your friend's family.

    I think that card is fine as it is. The card doesn't need colouring in or altering in my opinion.

    Love and hugs sent to you. :)

  16. Oh Gez, that it so sad. Sending you Hugs. The card is perfect, the image, the message, everything. Thoughts are with you. Love Sandra x

  17. Gez, I'm sending you warmth and comfort at such a difficult time.

    I think the card is truly beautiful. Subtle colours and heartfelt words.

    Take care sweet friend.


  18. I actually like the image not coloured in, but if you feel you have to, I'd do it in the palest of colours you can find.
    The card is beautiful and I am sure that it will be very well received. What a shame you had to make it though.
    Love and hugs to you xxx

  19. The flower is just fine, the quote is beautiful and as they like angels the image is totally appropriate. Yes, keep the colours very soft and it will all work perfectly and be so much appreciated.

  20. oh gez hun this is really perfect for the sad occasion,and you really have put your heart and soul into this hun,and my heart goes out to you and your friends,family at this sad,time,you can always get in touch with me if you need me hun love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  21. That looks perfect Gez. I think it looks rather nice uncoloured. Very sad you had to make it.


    I think you are right about leaving the image uncoloured. I can confidently send it on Monday feeling it will be okay. I've never made anything like this before & really, really value your opinions.


  23. Oh sweetheart, I am so sorry to read about this and I know how upset you must be, give me a ring if you need to XXX

    I think that its very beautfiul uncoloured, it compliments the angel perfectly, BIG HUGS XXX

  24. Sorry, Gez, I've only just seen this - but totally agree with what's been said by others - the card is just right - and I too was going to suggest leaving the image as it is. Sending you hugs and love at this difficult time x

  25. what sad news, I am sorry for you and your friends's family. I think the card is perfect as it is, you have made it straight from the heart which shows. K x

  26. What a beautiful card for such a very sad occasion. I know it will be treasured. How very sad.
    Lesley x

  27. thats a beautiful card,i'm glad you kept it as it is :)

  28. Sorry to read about your sad news Gez....x

  29. What a shock Gez :( The image is really lovely and very suitable
    Hugs for you
    Anne xx

  30. Such sad news Gez - I've only just seen this post, but just wanted to say how sorry I am and that I think your care is beautiful and appropriate xx


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