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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Morning! It's a little cooler here today. Still boiling pushing the pram up to school this morning tho! We're back, we've had toast & Monsters Inc is on the TV! so I can slip away & show you what I'm up to!

I coloured a Sweet Pea image last night with Copic pens from Lynne at the Craft Den & now I'm ready to asemble my card.

click to enlarge

I'm using some gorgeous scrummy, yummy Prima papers from out of a past monthly kit from Bubbly Funk.

I do however, have other things on my mind (not forgetting a little piece for the birthday bash next week!)

I have a little surprise to show you all but especially Paula! .......

it's in the building!!

A bit difficult to get a good shot... it had just been delivered!

I have a question to ask you all so it's good that the pine welsh dresser got delivered yesterday... what is the best way to give it a good clean?

I've had a look at all the cleaning products I have under the sink & none of them are suitable for pine. We've had a pine table in the past & I used to use Mr Muscle but when I had a look on Google it was talking about cracks appearing if you use the wrong kind of products sooooo I'd love to know what you all think!

Hopefully I will have something on it to show you next week in time for the birthday week. :D

If you would like to find out more about WOYWW then please pop over to Julia's to see what it's all about.

Hope everyone has a lovely day. I look forward to calling by your workspace soon.xx


  1. what a fantastic dresser! Not a clue how to clean it though.

  2. Lovely dresser, but no ideal how to clean it. Love the backing paper on your desk and the coloured image.

  3. Hi,
    I'm loving the work in progress on your desk - the papers are scrummy.
    Great dresser!
    Clare x

  4. Hi Gez,
    Your desk looks so organised - I must be going wrong somewhere.
    As for the dresser there is a range of wood cleaners and polishes called "Orange Glo" - they may be worth a look.
    Fiona x

  5. Looking dood Gez and the dresser is just plain soap and water when it's dried you put wax on it then that's it! you just wax it every now and then (well that's what I did but I am no professional) I am sure you could find something on you tube though (it has every thing on there)

    Love Dawn xx

  6. I did the same as dawn when I had mine, it looks gorgeous, love the double decker bus on your table, and the SP stamp is lovely I am very tempted to get some, cant wait to see it finished.
    Christine x

  7. I'd go for soap and water and then wax it

  8. What a pretty color for your card. Hope to see the finished one.

    There is a product in the States called Murphy's Oil Soap. It is designed for wood. It doesn't harm and was intended for your wood. It will clean grease and grime, as well as dust, dirt, and other things.

    The Orange Glo products can be good, too. But the degreaser could strip the finish on your piece, so use it on the back side first, if that's the way you want to go.

  9. Lovely papers Gez. Techy know how for downloads-come on. Wish I had the techy know how to create a lovely blog like yours.Downloads are easy
    1Paypal account- a credit card helps here
    2 Try a freebie first
    3Get the download-any 3 year old should be able to tell you how!
    4Printer they all print photos so they should do decent paper for cards
    That website I mentioned has hints and tips video.
    That dresser is scrummy but I'm not telling you how to clean it 'cos I don't do housework any more!
    Hugs BettyXXX
    (I told a lie about the housework LOL)

  10. wow I love your dresser don't know how to clean it but I may have a book that does, will have a look and get back to you later Chix x

  11. Wow have always wanted a dresser like that green with envy.i would use some kind pine cream ,i did when i had wooden drawers.
    Have happy wednesday cant wait to see the dresser with some crafty bits on!
    hugs judex

  12. YAY its here at last!!! I am in the soap & water (though not too wet) corner! Now what I want to know is if its to store your stash on my lovely!!!! XXX

  13. Love the new HEADER.
    I do the same as Dawn a little soap and water, damp only and wax now and again, yes are you going to fill it with all your crafting goodies.
    Lovin the colour of the Prima papers.
    Pat xx

  14. Hiya Gez

    what a gorgeous dresser, such a lovely piece of furniture I wouldnt know what to clean it with although knowing I would probably dilute some dettol down lol


  15. awe, thanks everyone for your help.xx

    YES!!!! it's definately for crafting supplies. :D

  16. ohoooo lovely dresser!!! I would google it....(I did!) here's one:-

    For general cleaning use a duster or damp cloth (ALMOST DRY) not wet.

    Do not use soap and water or detergents of any kind on this product for cleaning. To maintain the characteristic finish on this furniture, do not use aerosol sprays or any polish containing Silicon. If unsure, try on an area that's not seen and look for reactions. There is a natural stain and finish on this furniture and it will react to most man-made products.

    she sounds very snooty!!

    But it's a lovely dresser!!
    Have a crafty day!

  17. Great news about the passport :) Pledge do 'Soapy Cleaner' that's for use on wood. Love the Sweet Pea image, it will make a wonderful card.
    Anne xx

  18. whoop whoop - its in the house... each week I wonder where it is... and its here at last LOL

    I'd take Lyns advice (above) especially seeing as she has googled it... i would have used a drop of bleach in warm water personally - but that could have ruined it - or could it??? who knows, clearly not me!!! LOL

    Anyway glad that it arrived at last - how exciting not to put all you stuff in it...

    The DPs and the image are so lush... i haven't coloured anything for ages... need to change that!!!

    Great news too about DD passport - yippee...

    Paula x x x

  19. so cold here too, perfect day to stay in and blog hop. Fantastic piece of furniture, sorry cant help with cleaning...Cleaning! what's that then? hahaha but i would assume that it should at least have some clear wax on it to protect it.

  20. Hi Gez, I have a bus tin like yours, but mine is a red No.8 London bus.

    I love your dresser!!!! I don't know how best to clean it, but it looks like you've been given lots of good advice already xx

  21. Hi Gez..it's only ickle ol me...
    What I want to know is why you want to clean this beaut for in the first place...

    I am no Aggie and what's her name but I clean everything with dettol and a tiny bit of bleach on harder stains I use sugar soap but don't take my word for it...I don't want you to blame me if it goes wrong....lol

    On a more serious note though Ges, I have never had any prob's using any product's on this kind of wood, we have a solid wood kitchen work surface and Hubby sand's it every so often and uses some sort of mineral teak oil...and I have had curries and allsorts spashed all over it and no matter what cleaning stuff I use it comes out like new...

    If your not sure just do a test on a place that can't be seen first...

    Lovely dresser by the way...I wouldn't say no to one it's fab, I can't wait to see it filled

  22. Yummy dresser, but no good asking me how to clean it other half does that, altough just remembered I will have to do it this week as he is going to wembley so wont have time :-(

    Hugs Pam x

  23. That is beautiful paper but I got side tracted by that wonderful dresser ...sorry I cant help re cleaning... not a strong point for me lol ...if its untreated I expect an oil will prevent it drying and if its varnished ???? a polish. All I know is it ages well and evenly over time as long as it is not covered up.

  24. OOoo lovely dresser - we will all enjoy a good snoop when you get that one loaded with your crafty stuff! -Wipso & Twiglet

  25. Gez! Good grief - that's a hell of a WOYWWAC project! I think you win!! I use Method wood cleaners from sainsbugs...because Mr Dunnit is a joiner and I feel I ought to be careful with his homemade stuff. But often on wood surfaces that are varnished, hot water wrung our cloth and nothing else. I'm really excited to see you employ the dresser - am guessing you won't fill it. Yet.

  26. unvarnished pine needs wax occasionally and a lot of elbow grease. Gorgeous piece of furniture!

  27. Gosh bet you are sooooooooo excited to get the dresser at long last!!! A good clean with soapy water if it's varnished if it's wax then just a damp cloth and now and again wax!!!

    Love the sweetpea image she looks lovely in your colours and the prima papers look like the perfect match!!!

    Love Chanelle xx

  28. oh gez hunny this is one awesome dresser I always love coming not only to see your cards,but how you embellish,them,and cant wait to see this dresser all with crafting goodies,on it,you can get a orange cleaner,like a wax,I get mine for my old furniture,of QVC its brilliant stuff,i will have to see if you can use it on pine too,take care hun hugs cheryl x
    oh encase you were looking for my email as you said you had been meaning to eamil me,its not on my blog
    hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx

  29. Love the paper, and I spy Crafty Notions sprays !


  30. Super decorated marker pots youve got!

    Keryn ;0

  31. WOW i love the Welsh Dresser. I would have used warm soapy water on it. Looking forward to seeing your card, Love Sweet Pea Stamps. Hazelxo

  32. nice papers. nice pine hutch...congrats on the passport..yay!!! I sent your package on Monday ...so it should be there soon...thanks for the nice comments on my blog :)

  33. wonderful dresser no idear on the cleaning almaxx

  34. We use Pledge soapy wood cleaner on our wooden floor (available in the supermarket)it wont do your dresser any harm and it gets the sticky stuff that gets dropped around the cooker lol!

  35. Lovely dresser Gez - glad it is going to house your craft stuff :)


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