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Monday, 14 June 2010

2010 365 Calendar challenge

Finally! my first chance to blog my May pages! A bit boring to be honest.

I had quite a shock which sort of knocked me sideways & while I found it easy enough to make things for DT's I haven't been able to create for myself.... there just didn't seem a point... don't know whether that makes any sense!

May pages...

click to enlarge

I'm trying to bounce back a bit now & I have to thank Kate because without the nudge to keep going with the monthly pages I might just have given up crafting altogether.

Here are my June pages for the art journal calendar challenge.

click to enlarge

Sorry for being a wee bit late but as you can see I'm up to date. :) I have been adding some words down the right hand side each month but inspirational words seem to be failing me at the moment but I'm hoping to finish decorating my pages soon. :)

Thanks for looking. I hope June is a good month for everyone & if you would like to find out more or even join us please pop over to Kate's most scrummy fabulous blog The Kathyrn Wheel. Love Gez.xx


  1. The pages look lovely Gez, and I like the little pics you are adding to Junes....x

  2. Hi Gez,
    You have no idea how much I have missed your blog while I was out of circulation. I enjoyed studying these pages. They are beautifully crafted.
    Fiona x

  3. Hi Gez !!! Your pages are just delightful to look at !!! They are so colourful, bright and happy !!! TAKE CARE

  4. lovely work gez:)
    you keep crafting girl,you're good at it xx

  5. May was a bit of a roller-coaster for you honey, wasn't it?
    I'm hoping June will prove calmer. I love your pages, especially all the colourful doodles you've been doing this month

  6. I have a few words for you my lovely.....YOUR ARTWORK IS ALWAYS AN INSPIRATION IN ITSELF! So there hahahaha!!! Its always lovely to make something for yourself, if not to look at now but in the future and of course to show our kids & grandchildren. Failing that you could always send it to me to ooo and aaahhh over hahahaha!

    I am loving your pages and love June where you are using more pics, brilliant work, HUGS XXX

  7. Fab pages Gez. They really don't reflect the awful month May was for you. Let's hope June continues to be better. I love Glenn and his arf arf! xxx

  8. I don't think you have anything to worry about Gez. The June pages are fab and I think May's are lovely - they are a bit like all of my pages!!!!!!!! Hope things get better and better for you! xx

  9. Fantastic journal pages, love the image on the corner of the second photo. Great colours. Anesha :)

  10. Hi Gez, pages look great...I love how a lot of people opted for pink for the month of May!!! I haven't even started June ones yet (well that's a bit of a fib - I did the background ones but they were very firey red and din't feel that June justified such a lovely colour so gave up and still not got back to it)... Am having a MASSIVE clear out in my craft room (ruthless) and I am hoping that this will cleanse me and get my creativity going again (I hope)...lol...
    Have a great week....xox

  11. May really was a difficult one - not that your page necessarily reflects that Gez and it looks great. Let's hope June is easier all round. Hugs x

  12. Gez well done on keeping going with these. Where you haven't illustrated May (and I love what you have done with the pages) you have certainly made up for in June so far! Fabulous.


  13. OOoh sorry to hear that May was such an awful month for you - hope June is better. Creativity comes and goes .... you'll get going again. These pages look absolutely fab. And I won't let you give up - I'll be sending you bloggy nudges :-)
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Kate x

  14. gorgeous pages Gez, and you're writing looks soooo neat to mine! I've decided to join in and so far June is very boring :-/ well it's not boring for me as most of the time I'm crafting :-) Love the colours you've used. For me the main reason is just 'cos I like to play about and the journal gives me the opportunity to do just that also as there's less to write it's a good way of documenting day to day life without keeping a diary.
    Anne xx

  15. Hi,

    I Love these journal pages you have done, I always find them so inspiring!!

    Sorry you have had a shock, glad you have managed to do some crafting for yourself!

    Take Care
    Hugs Juls

  16. Wonderful pages Gez! May looks fabulous completed and June is looking splendidly gorgeous.
    Lesley x

  17. I love your calender pages - beautifully decorated - and interesting to read too!


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