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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

NO WOYWW! & an apology...

It's that time of the week again! I won't be joining this week as my camera is out of action.

DD was supposed to be taking it to China with her so I suppose with hindsight it's better that it's committed suicide this week!

There hasn't been much time for crafting this week as I have so much to organise for China. DD is away for 3 wks & there is just so much to think about & get ready. We have been told they will all be experts at washing their own clothes when they return. :)

I am hoping to have updates on my blog following DD's journey & hopefully I will get a nice comment from her from China when she gets some down time & she can fill us in on some news. :)

I also have an apology to make as I haven't had much time for blog hopping lately with a certain little chap in the house refusing to go to sleep at night (I told him his cards are marked Anne :) & said on my WOYWW post last week that hopefully I would try & visit more blogs! wrong....

I ended up in the local A&E for the afternoon with my little big man!

(see futher down my blog for gory details!!)

ouch, eeach, uuch!

I still cringe when I see these photos!

What with a non sleeper....... a head banger & a sick camera.....

I know what you're thinking Bubblies...... DON'T say it!!!!! about poor Miss Mags being better off this way you norty girls!!!

I don't know when I shall be posting again!

If you want to find out more about WOYWW then please pop over to our lovely Julia's bloggie & see what you're missing.

Thanks for calling by today. Have a lovely Wednesday...xx

I know I won't be about today as were are off in search of....

1 x belt
1 x white vest to go under blouse for Kongfu Theatre
1 x SSF50 suncream
20 x knickers & socks
sun hat
sun glasses
anti-mosquito spray/antiseptic bite cream
throat lozengers
& not forgetting carrots & frosted shreddies!

Thank You for your lovely blog support. I promise to grab a cuppa tonight & come a calling.

Take care. Hugs, Gez.xx


  1. Oouch that looks a soar one I hope he is ok now. bad news about your camera I keep loosing my charger and that is nad enough lol x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think we can excuse you, given that list! good luck with everything and of course, the bump!!

  4. Poor little man!!! Must have taken a right bang hope he's on the mend!!

    Good luck for today!!! lol and I hope you get eveything you need.

    Love Chanelle xx

  5. Awe sweetie...I know you are soooo busy at the mo but you must all be excited too!!! Don't you go worrying about your blog when there is so much going on with your family right now. How I wish I was going with R...you suire she doesn't need someone to carry her bags?????

    You take care of you for me and we will chat soon my lovely HUGS XXX

  6. So much to do and so little time! :) It can't be easy trying to organise all that!!
    xoxo Sioux

  7. Oooh that's a real whopper.
    I'm not casting aspersions hun, but if you're buying 20 pairs of knickers it begs the question, what's she been wearing up to now hehehehehe Good luck with all the shopping. And what a bonus, she'll be able to do her own laundry when she gets back LOL yeah, and pigs might fly!
    Anne xx

  8. You really do have your hands full! Hope you get the things u nd for DD and please get a new camera soon and some crafting we are all missing yr talent. Life often gets SO in the way of everything doesn't it ha h a

    Love Danw xx

  9. ooooh I hope his bump has gone down a bit by now... poor wee bloke!!

    Sounds like you will be meeting yourself coming backwards you've got so much to do... lol rather you than me :D

    Feel for you re the camera... oooooh I would be screaming... I am lost without mine.

    Have a great weekend hun
    Chris xx

  10. Aw Gez hope 'little bump' is better now and my camera kept taking 'ghosts' and then started barking. had to give up on it in the end. Have a Good Sunday

  11. Gez you are a busy household. Hope B is on the mend and T is sound asleep now - wish I was hahaha. R must be so excited and I look forward to reading about her experiences in China through your blog.

    Hope you are resting that ankle too Gez? *cough, cough*

    love T x

  12. aaaw - Bless you - it never just rains... I haven't been blogging to well either just recently - but not because I am so busy - like you!!!

    I hope you are able to get all the things you need - nothing like the niggling feelings when you still know you have to get stuff.

    thinking of you - will catch up via email soon

    Paula x x x

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