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Thursday, 17 June 2010


I don't always blog what's happening at home but I wanted you to see the reason why I didn't visit many WOYWW desks yesterday. :(

I got a phone call from my son's school at 1.15pm yesterday afternoon to hear Ben had been in an accident at school & suffered a head injury but he was happy to stay at school.

I was happy for Ben to stay at school as a class assistant had promised to stay with him & school promised to ring if there was any change.

About an hour later school rang to say they couldn't keep Ben awake. :(

So it was a quick dash to get Ben to hospital as he kept being sick & felt really dizzy.

The A&E were marvelous & did lots & lots of tests on him. They were happy with his stats & he has been allowed home.

This is Ben's forehead today!

He's on painkiller's but it's not really helping so lots of TLC is being administered! & keeping him under close obs. Ben wears glasses & we know things could have been a lot worse.

His class had been doing sports & his teams ball had strayed somewhere else on the field so Ben went to retrive it, bent down to pick up the ball & got knocked out cold with a wooden cricket bat! Charming.. hehe.. his 'friend' was really upset!

I promise to blog hop soon.xx


  1. Hi Gez,
    That looks sore and if it was done with a cricket bat it would be sore. Poor wee scone. I hope he feels better soon.
    Fiona x

  2. Awww the poor darling I hope he gets better soon !!!

  3. Oh, poor little mite! Sure looks sore - what a bump!!

  4. Ouch ouch ouch. My son did the same when little and my Dr just said "not to worry it was the best place to get hit on the head"! Like there is a GOOD place eh? Really hope your little man improves very soon.
    Big hugs for all,
    A x

  5. ouch ouch ouch!!! That is some mighty lump Ben has there! Give him a gentle hug frome me XXX

  6. Poor Ben - hope he soon feels better. It always amazes me how big and egg-like a head bump can be - but they usally go down pretty quick.

  7. thats a belter, criky no wonder he felt under the weather bless x sue x

  8. Poor Ben,good old bump. Hope he feels better soon. Anesha :)

  9. Oh this is some bump! Poor little Ben, I hope he feels better very soon xxx

  10. A big OUCH, poor Ben. Hope he is feeling a lot better today. Keep up the TLC. Lynne x

  11. Hiya Gez,Hope Ben is better soon,I bet his head is sore! xx jo xx

  12. aww ouch poor Ben - hope that he's feeling much better today Gez xx

  13. OMG... now that's what I call a BUMP!!

    poor little man... and it must've been a real worry for you when you saw that...crikey.

    I hope there aren't any ill effects and that he feels better soon Gez

    Chris xx

  14. OMG that's quite a lump. Hope ben recovers soon. Not visited blogs for a few days, not been well. But loving the work you've been doing, great DT project for the Anything goes blog. Love sandra x

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. oh my gosh hun poor wee chap gosh it does look so sore bless him,fancy being hit with a cricket bat i ask you bles him sending him,love and hugs from me,love cheryl xxxxxxx

  17. Aaaaah poor Ben just read this post. Hope you are feeling lots better today. x x

  18. Ooo my word what a huge bump. Hope he is well on the mend now Gez! What a fright you must have had.
    Lesley x


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