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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 2 ~ China Study Trip

Hope you don't mind me sharing a few pics as I've not much crafting to show & no camera!

DD said she would try & leave me a comment if she gets the chance so thats another reason I'm posting!

I am so excited about making a scrapbook for my daughter..... why do I think there might be more than one being made!!!

Today, after a morning studying. (4 lessons with 10 minute breaks)

DD's group are off to Tian'anmen Square.

click to enlarge

and also the Forbidden City.....

click to enlarge all of the photos.....

The Forbidden City was the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It is located in the middle of Beijing, China, and now houses the Palace Museum. For almost five hundred years, it served as the home of emperors and their households, as well as the ceremonial and political centre of Chinese government.

I've got my fingers & toes crossed hoping DD remembers her camera today!

Thanks for looking. Gez.xx


  1. What a trip Gez I'm sure Rachel is learning lots. :)

  2. Gulp! you must have a lump in your throat Gez. Great to see your DD broadening her horizons, a trip of a lifetime and one place I would love to visit
    x Michelle

  3. Its hard to imagine she's actually THERE hope she logs in soon.

    ~waves at Rae-Rae~

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  5. It's so lovely to walk the walk with you Gez. Thanks for sharing. Really hoping she is having the time of her life.
    A x

  6. Gosh, what an amazing trip she is going to have Gez.

  7. Aaww Gez, I hope she remembers the camera too!! She is so unbelievably lucky to have this opportunity and I'm am not in the least bit jealous of her!! Yeah right!!
    Hello Rachel I hope you're having the best time xxx

  8. I am sooo jealous of her seeing the Forbidden City Gez and as for Tiananmen Square...I know I would shed a tear for those students.


  9. Hi Gez,
    This is fantastic. Sharing the trip through the photographs without having to travel. I'll be glued to this.
    I'll bet she enjoys this trip.
    Fiona x

  10. Fab pics Gez, thanks for sharing. LOoks like she is having an amazing time!
    Lesley x

  11. Do they get their tours in Chenese as well to help improve the language skills further? DH has been to the Forbidden City and says it's amazing. It's long enough ago that Tian'anmen Square didn't have quite the same connotations back when he was visiting, be interesting to know what they're actually told!

  12. Your daughter must be having a great time. Bet you miss her too!
    Love the photos
    Love sarah X

  13. Wow - it looks amazing!! Your scrapbooks will be too! Hope she's having a wonderful time xx

  14. Looks amazing. The scrapbook will be incredible. She must be having a great time and so busy she wont be too homesick. Thank you for sharing this trip with us, it is fun to follow along.

  15. Bet she is having a great time, can't wait to see you scrapbook. Lynne xx

  16. wow looks like an amazing place. Best she is having an amazing time. xx

  17. Sounds like they are having the time of their lives....lucky girl!!!! Hope you are not missing her too much!!! (((HUGS))) from this end of the country!!! Kirsti xx

  18. Mmmmm really mr spammer!!!!!!!


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