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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 4

Yeah! I've heard from my DD! It's a mixed email if you read it from a concerned mothers point of view!

Day 3 (Wednesday) included 4 Chinese lessons in the morning & cultural activities in the afternoon which included traditional handicrafts, traditional games, traditional painting, Chinese calligraphy & Taiji.

Rachel was so excited about the cultural activities & know she will be having a ball!
Today the students have four Chinese lessons in the moring & a 'free' afternoon... (which they will have already had today by the time we get up this morning) and as we spend this morning... my daughter & her friends will be on their way to see the ..........

Chinese Traditional Acrobatics

Doesn't it look exciting!

Day 5 (Friday 9th July) includes 4 more lessons in the morning & in the afternoon a lecture on Chinese Etiquette & then on Saturday ooooooooooh, can't wait to tell you!!

Thank you for calling & thank you so much for your lovely comments. I don't feel quite so alone. Gez.xx


  1. Sounds like she will be shattered when she gets home!! Such a lot of things to do in such a short time, but ever so exciting!! Chanelle xx

  2. Glad she's been in touch - sounds like a packed and varied trip of a lifetime.

  3. Oh how exciting Gez. I love sharing your blog with all the wonderful things she is seeing and doing. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    A x
    ps you are never more than en email or phone call away :-)

  4. Very exciting!! Sounds like she is still having a ball but.I bet she is missing you just as much as you are missing her!! Take care and keep busy!!! Love kirsti x

  5. oh wow hun what amazing picures so glad you have heard from her,and that she is safe,love hugs cheyrl xxxxxxx

  6. WOW ...your DD is having the time of her life ...what an experience ...what amazing things she is seeing.... and like most mothers you are worrying about her...quite normal .... I feel you are there with her all the way, enjoying everything ...almost as much as she is . I think that you will be creating many scrapbooks of her visit.

  7. Oh my goodness Gez, she is one lucky girl, what a wonderful time she's having. Glad you've heard from her at last too xxx

  8. You must be so relieved to have heard from her - but it seems she's having a whale of a time I don't expect there's much time to think about anything else. Thanks for sharing her adventure with us xx

  9. Good to hear she's had the chance to get in touch Gez! Sounds like they're being kept busy enough that it was probably a logistical feat to manage it! The acrobatics look fab, don't they?

  10. Hi hunny, sounds like a fantastic trip your daughter is on, WOW one heck of a trip of a lifetime -

    fantastic blog hunny - hope to see you soon

    hugs Aly xx

  11. WOW!!!!! Rachel is one lucky girl but I do hope that they get some 'me' time in amongst all these activities! HUGS XXX

  12. Thanks for sharing...it is nearly like being on the trip with her! :)
    Bet it is a great experience....glad you have heard from her.
    xoxo Sioux

  13. That show looks amazing! They are really cramming in a lot on this trip - thank goodness for summer holidays!!
    Glad you've heard from her at last xxx

  14. oooooooooooooh isn't it exciting Gez I feel quite envious of Rachel and friends. I never got to take students to places like this when I was teaching in secondary.
    Pat xx

  15. It all looks so amazing, she must be having a wonderful & exciting time. Love Sandra x

  16. So glad all is well and R is having a fab time. What a good job you have done in preparing her for the big wide world!

  17. aw honey i bet she's having the time of her life :)
    how fantastic, most certainly a trip to remember xx

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