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Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 8 ~ China Study Trip

It's day 8 of my daughter's study trip 1,000's of miles away from home in China. I've decided to blog about my daughter's trip (as she has the new camera & there's not much crafting going on at the mo!) so that we can use the posts as a guide to help us scrap her trip of a lifetime....

Yesterday, was her first day of rest since she arrived last Monday & as Monday comes round again my daughter has another busy week ahead of her...

Today the students are off to the Lama Temple, Beijing & ......

............... &, also, the Confucius Temple,
(click on name link to find out more)
& .........

.............. &, The Wangfujing Shopping District
(click on name to find out more ~ now I really am jealous!!)

I've got my fingers crossed Rachel has the camera with her today & most definately her PURSE!

(Oh, ... & shopping list ;o) )

Thank you for looking. Hope you have a lovely Monday. Hugs, Gez.xx


  1. Anyone for silk worms on a stick or fried starfish.... Mmmmm, may be not for breakfast!!

  2. How exciting , great info and pix Gez...lets hope she buys a nice gift for mom in China :)

  3. I really hope that camera is in good working order for her. What memories she will have. Thanks for sharing :-)
    A x

  4. Sounds very exciting Gez...hope she is loving it as much as you are!!!...take care and have a great Monday!!!...Kirsti xox...

  5. Hi Gez,
    This is great - I feel as though I'm on holiday. I wonder if there will be any craft shops in the shopping district Lol.
    Thanks for all the links and info you are giving.
    Fiona x

  6. All the building are so amazing, they are going to make a great scrapbook for her to keep. She must be having such a wonderful time. Love Sandra x

  7. Looks like another exciting day for them, those temples look fantastic!

  8. i'm not jealous at all LOL
    can't wait to see rachels photos:)

  9. i'm not jealous at all LOL
    can't wait to see rachels photos:)

  10. oooohhhh she's so lucky - I know I keep saying it, but i mean it!! I'm still madly jealous but so pleased she has this opportunity, especially as all the organising is done for her. Can you imagine how long it would plan this as a holiday?!
    Hopefully she has lots of space on the memory stick!! xxxx

  11. wow, such fabulous places to visit - Rachel's head must be in a whirl with all these wonderful things she's seeing - and reeling at all the things she's learning

  12. Goodness she is fairly getting around.

  13. Wonderful pics Gez, Rachel is so lucky to be doing and seeing all of this at her young age,I'm sure she realises this. She won't be able to stop talking about it when she comes home.
    Pat xx

  14. China was never on my 'to visit' list, but WOW! So glad she's having a good time, and that we're all able to share this trip through the fabulous pics xx

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