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Saturday, 24 July 2010


& Thank You for looking after my babes. :D

WELL!!!!!! The house has been cleaned & tidied to within an inch of it's being! fresh linen on the beds, roast dinner all prepared!! Balloons & Welcome Home banner in place & the champagne is on ice!!!

What a couple of months!!!

Sorry, I haven't been able to report much about China this week. I am again on my daughter's laptop!

I know last Monday the students visited......

Beijing 798 Art Zone

The 798 Art Zone is in the Chaoyang District of Beijing that houses a thriving artist community, among 50 year old decommissioned military factory buildings of unique architectural style.

On Tuesday the students had their usual 4 lessons in the morning & cultural activities in the afternoon & on Wednesday was their final exam (not heard any results yet!)

On Wednesday afternoon DD had orders to spend the rest of her Yuan's at Silk Street!!!

Silk Street

The Silk Street (also Xiushui Market) attracts approximately 20,000 visitors daily (from 9am to 9pm) on weekdays and between 50,000 and 60,000 on weekends!

This 35,000-square-meter complex houses 1,700 retail vendors and over 3,000 salespeople spread over seven floors with three levels of basements & you can buy just about anything!!


Thursday sounded a very busy day with 4 more Chinese lessons & a 2 hour lecture in the afternoon on China's Economy.


Friday saw 4 more Chinese lessons in the morning, followed by the end of course ceremony & farewell lunch. The students then had a free evening.

DD's flight was leaving Beijing International Airport for a 9 hour flight to Abu Dhabi during the night & then on to England (after a 3 hour stopover) & flying all day Saturday until late afternoon.

I will be avidly tracking DD's flight & will be awaiting her phone call later today! It will be so lovely to hear her voice! Just hoping I don't burst into tears when I meet her.....

Thank you ever so much for keeping me company throughout my daughter's trip. I haven't felt half as lonely. You are the BEST.XXXX


  1. Oooh I can feel your excitement from here Gez! Looking forward to the photos.

  2. Ooo Gez, make sure you don't burst with excitment today my lovely. Have a wonderful welcome homecoming xx

  3. Hi Gez,
    Have a fantastic next few days catching up with your daughter then get scrapbooking and journaling so we can all join in.
    Thanks for the guided tour of China.
    Fiona x

  4. Just get the tissues out then the matchsticks 'cos you will be up all night nattering. What an absolutely amazing experience she has had. Memories for life eh?
    Luv Joanne xx

  5. mmm....is she going to think she has come to the wrong house after all this cleaning & tidying??? hahahahaha!!!

    You have a wonderful time with her darling but don't be upset if all she wants to do is sleep! Love you XXX

  6. Hope the homeward journey goes well - have a great home-coming! No doubt we will get to share some of the fantastic sights and experiences later.

  7. It's been great to have followed the students itinerary and seen all the pics.
    I think Rachel and the others will be home now and I'm sure you needed the tissues, I know I would.
    Enjoy the homecoming.
    Hugs Pat xx

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