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Monday, 26 July 2010


HI EVERYONE! ...... just a quick update to say it's chaos here!! DD is still on China's time zone!!!

We thought we had burglars at 5am yesterday morning as DD was downstairs starving making some food as her body was telling her it was lunchtime! & last night DD was fast asleep by 7.30pm!!!

Just a few pics to share with you then we can get scrapping in ernest!

..... on arrival!

....... the finished banner...
... that nearly wasn't!!!

...... this l'il man was sooooooooooooooooo happy...
to see his big sis!!

.......... sneak peak!

I've been making a journaling jar for DD...
more later!!

..... YES!!!!!! me & my girl :D :D :D
& Tommy Li! oh! & our latest edition
PO the panda!

I'm looking forward to showing DD all the wonderful comments left on my blog.

A BIG Thank You from us both for caring.
Love & Hugs, Gez & Rae. XXX


  1. Welcome home Rachel....look forward to hearing about your travels.
    A x

  2. Hi Gez,
    Relief that she is safely home. I look forward to sharing what you are able to put together to celebrate her trip.
    Fiona x

  3. AWE!!!!! wonderful, happy, smiley faces all round!!!! Thats what I like to see :D

    I expect it may take Rae a few days to feel like 'normal' again and I am sooo looking forward to seeing what you both do to remember her amazing trip! HUGS XXX

  4. Welcome home Rachel. I can't wait to hear/see all that you got up to while away. Your mum did behave and kept us up to date.

    It's lovely to see you with your family Gez - fab banner too xxx

  5. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh home safely Rachel !!! Looking forward to reading about your trip !! What a wondeful family photo you all look so alike ... its amazing !!! BIG HUGS take care !!!!

  6. Great welcome home banner. Rachel looks really happy to be home but I also hope she looked this happy while in China, they certainly seem to have had an action packed few weeks.
    Agree with juniejo you all do look so much alike.
    Love the Panda, they are gorgeous animals.
    Look forward to all the pics and scrapbooking.
    Hugs Pat xx

  7. Welcome home to your daughter - and I'm so pleased for you Gez, it must be a great feeling to have her home again xx

  8. Glad she's back home safely. Lovely photo of you all together. I look forward to seeing all your scrapbooking x

  9. what lovely piccies Gez (glad to see that Tom got that haircut!!) it will take Rachel a few days to get back to English time - bet she had a BRILL time - can't wait to see the piccies xx

  10. What a lovely happy pic of you all - enjoy every minute!!

  11. oh hun what wonderful pictures,so glad rachel is home safe and sound,cant wait to see your post with all the pictures,hun hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

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  13. Home safe and sound! Great news and by looking at your gorgeous smiles you are all so happy to have Rachel home!

    Right, when Rachel has caught up on some sleep get her journalling and uploading photos - pleeeeeeease!

    Love and hugs to Ben and Tom too. x x

  14. Lovely pics Gez, lovely happy faces :-) I look forward to seeing the scrapbook pages.
    Anne xx

  15. Welcome back, Rachel - lovely to see these pictures, Gez - thanks for sharing - the banner looks great - and what happy photos - look forward to seeing and hearing more. x

  16. Wow, these are smiley photos! I bet your daughter had a fab time - what an experience for her :-)

  17. Happy to hear your daughter is home safely :) great pix of your family , thanks for sharing...


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