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Monday, 16 August 2010

& what did you do over the weekend...

.... we went to see how the new Tesco & railway ticket office were coming along! Thrilling.... if you love big diggers.. no men in hard hats today tho!

... the new Tesco Express in the centre of town...
I dread to think of the effect on local businesses...

... this new store is massive...
no need for my international crafty gauge...
(versa in pad!)

... the structure is quite impressive
love the curve...

... oh! the new railway ticket office,
quite modern for our little town...

... woohoo....
all mod cons now!

thought I'd share a few signs with you...
we all have our own favourites!

.. this one made Rachel laugh!

Ben's favourite.... we got a photo of him pretending to lick the cone!

not going to comment on this one...
but it raised a few childish giggles all round!

mmm, sounds interesting..
thinks of craft storage solutions...

Tom's favourite!!!

there were lots more about stationers & butchers & er.... !

... this one is taken from around the other side...

.... our walk took us around in a circle
& back to the station...

oh no... look at this :(

Thanks for calling by.. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

Have a nice week.


  1. Thanks for sharing the fun - i think Tesco are taking over the planet! Jo x

  2. I thought Tesco Metro were supposed to be small, city centre ones? Yikes! Glad you had fun with the diggers and signs though!

  3. Thanks for sharing...I recognise the Con Club! I used to live at the other end of that row....fun signs too
    xoxo Sioux

  4. We already have a Metro store!
    Oh wow Sioux! I did think of Heather when I saw the cancellation sign..

  5. You have some talent being able to make something not so exciting into something very interesting. It seams we are to have a Tesco of some sort in our village. They pulled down 2 lovely detached bungalows and the 'listed' old cinema, but nothing else has happened to date. I hate Tesco.
    Luv Joanne xx

  6. Oh Joanne that is so sad to hear they had the power to tear down listed buildings :(
    I think they are on a course of world domination.
    The boys thought it was a FANTASTIC trip out!! Small things.. :)

  7. Those signs are brilliant Gez, I had to giggle at the bakery one too. I have managed to find a few little bits in the crafty section of ours xx

  8. All those big "toys" no wonder the boys were excited. Love the "toy dept" sign!

  9. LOL, what fantastic signs Gez, they have really made me laugh....especially the bakery one but I guess that's just my mind LOL!!

  10. Is nowhere safe from supermarkets???!!!

    I went on a picnic to Slapton - pics on my blog!

  11. Loving the signs - glad you enjoyed your day out too!

  12. Great day out for the boys which means a great day out for you too - plus it didn't cost a penny :)

    I thought the signs were funny too. :)

  13. What a brilliant trip for the boys Gez! I am with Joanne.....I hate Tesco's & they do seem to be aiming for World dominance! One is being built just up from us & it has caused so much upset already.

    hahahahaha just love that last sign!!! XXX

  14. I enjoyed the tour of the signs! Tesco built and opened a superstore in Orpginton last year, but I still haven't been inside it. x

  15. Fun tour! I am trying to work out where you are! I know you are Lancashire and, it's not Burnley and you have trains to Blackpool and Preston.... Clitheroe??
    K x

  16. Talk about a fun adventure! You had a lot of fun and provided a few good laughs along the way, too. I always love seeing other towns, no matter what or where. It's such a fun way to get connected with the rest of the world and see how others live. The more you see, the more you realize how alike we are in different ways (grin)

  17. Oh my, that is one BIG building site !! I have always been interested in buildingsites in action, so to say, just like a busy harbour, it is so much fun to look at all the people seeming to crawl around like ants and being busy busy busy !!

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  19. What no hard hats! Boo Hoo! Love reading your post Gez, thanks for sharing the moment. Lynne xx


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