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Sunday, 19 September 2010

How very strange?

Not quite sure what is happening between Blogger, Internet Explorer & Firefox.. I only ever use Firefox & yesterday, after speaking to She & Sioux I have discovered Internet Explorer is only displaying a couple of my blog posts. :(

I had no idea this was happening & apologise if you visit my blog on Internet Explorer as I had no idea that was how it is looking. :(

What's a girl to do????

It's not even the same font!!!! and where the heck has my right hand side bar disappeared to??

My fullest apologies.xxxx


  1. Hi Gez,
    I had never noticed anything wrong because I always use Internet Explorer. Have taken a screen dump of you blog and will email it to you so that you can see what it looks like.
    Fiona x

  2. I use IE too - just noticed that the rhs of your blog looks a bit bare! I hadn't realised that there weren't many posts displayed till I scrolled down, but I hope that's because I was up to date and not because I'm missing any of your gorgeous projects and interesting posts xx

  3. I think the sidebar stuff may be at the bottom of the screen, under the blog posts? I found your sitemeter there with a couple of other things?

  4. Thanks for your comments.xx Will remove my background & see if that makes any difference.

  5. Weird thing is I have a 3 column tester blog & that looks fine in IE??

  6. Stranger & stranger... I have the feeling my whole blog might just dissappear!!
    In IE it's only showing the LH column & no right but when I go into edit it's there so I tried moving the 1st item over to the LH column but it didn't show up so I went onto Firefox moved my clock from my LOVELY!! RH column put it in the LH column.. saved.. closed Firefox down & re-opened IE explorer & the clock has appeared in the LH column. So, I might try moving everything across in Firefox to the LH column & then try one of the new Blogger templates. :(
    Can't understand why my tester blog opens fine in either Firefox or IE????
    Hope I my blog doesn't dissappear altogther!!!!!!

  7. Just had a thought.. that won't make my missing blog posts come back?? The last one on Firefox is the Tesco photographs from weeks ago.. off to see if I can find them on IE.
    DH had suggested I shut GezzyB's Crafty Bits & start again :( perhaps something to do with a virus that got on the computer in July has affected my blog. Will see what DH thinks.. this isn't getting the washing up done or the kids bathed!!!

  8. Mmm... can't go back to previous pages.. this is getting annoying. :(

  9. Just checked the settings on IE & it's set at showing 40 posts! but it's only showing 3 :(
    Oh I give up :(

  10. Gez - I run firefox and its all ok here - only the bits you've removed have gone and all of your posts are showing up - left and right hand coloums are complete and up to date too! doesn't help much does it? hope you get it sorted

  11. Your blog looks normal to me Gez.
    A x

  12. Gez, I'm computer illiterate and only know what I have learnt myself or the bits from my computer Dave, so what exactly is firefox. Is it a virus checker? let me know and I'll see if I can get you some help.
    Luv Joanne xx

  13. Grrr to Blogger at the moment honey! I have IE & can see no LH stuff and the post titled ATC Swaps goes on & on & on with no comment box! BTW they are lovely.

    So pleased that you had a fabby time on Saturday...looking forward to seeing what you have made my lovely XXX


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