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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Learn Something New Everday 2010

Day 3 & it's amazing how much I actually learn in a day!

Especially, reguarding crafting! Mmm, should definately make a note! By using an Art Journal this time I'm learning so much with each page I make... which is why I decided to challenge myself. Thank You Shimelle.xx

My fingers are still itching for gorgeous, scrummy papers. :( I keep getting the urge! especially seeing another great page from last year pop up in today's email from {Shimelle} again! Thank You.XXXX

Here is my art journal page for the 3rd September. I have managed to sneak the date on somewhere just for the record!

Day 3

click to enlarge

This learning goes on from the day before when we went clothes shopping for collage with my DD. It was a special moment to share with DD when her eyes fell on these boots! Talk about love at first sight! Don't think she's had them off since.. she has definately 'broken' them in!

I must admit to slightly liking them myself! :D

Thank You for calling today & A BIG Thank You for leaving a comment if you get the chance. One lesson I've already learnt today is that I definately don't have much time to craft at the weekends. :(

Take care.. hope the sun is shining wherever you are today. Gez.xx


  1. The boots are gorgeous...and love the page.

  2. Another great page I love all your doodlings and of course I had to find where you had inserted the date.

  3. Go on Rae...let Mum wear them for 10minutes hahahaha!!!! OMG these boots are FABULOUS aren't they? A brilliant vibrant happy page Gez, well done! Oh and your journalling is far better than lots of pretty papers my lovely XXXX

  4. Hi Gez,
    It will be special to look back on this page and remember the day's shopping for those shoes. Fantastic colour on the page and great layout.
    Fiona x

  5. Fab page Gez, well done for finishing a page a day!! I think you need to borrow them when she's not looking! xxx

  6. Gez, you are so rocking this journal :-) I was thinking of doing one for JYC this year, and you've totally inspired me, thank you xx (Would the shoes fit me?? I have enormous feet - size 9...)

  7. Love those boots - and the journal page.

  8. I love your page! Such a gorgeous style, so different from any other LSNED journal I've seen. The boots are pretty cool too.
    Kate x

  9. Fab page and great shoes, not surprised she loves them!

  10. I've really enjoyed looking at all your journal pages, they're fab - I shall be popping back to see the new ones!

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  12. I love those boots they are really "cool". Gez this journal page is just perfect I'm sure you would get 10/10 from Dyan.
    Pat xx

  13. Fab pages, Gez - love em - AND the shoes, lol. I'd wear those and I'm a lot older, he, he.

  14. I absolutely love these pages, you are so clever, vert arty indeed. I've bookmarked your blog on my blog so I can watch your gorgeous pages when you post them.

  15. Gez this page is utterly gorgeous!!!!

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