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Friday, 3 September 2010

Learn Something New Everday

Oh Wow!!! What a surprise I had yesterday to see my Day 1 scrapbook layout from LSNED 2009 attached to the daily prompt email from Shimelle.

Ooooooh, Thank You sooooo much Shimelle.xx

Yesterday, was another long day out of town clothes shopping ready for my daughter starting college next week. What a combination..

1.) The Mum (me!)2.) The Daughter!
in tow....One 9yr old son & 3yr old toddler. Yikes!! NOT fun...

I didn't get to check emails until last night! Imagine my surprise..

Soooooooo.... I decided on a spot of positive journaling to sum up my learning for Day 2 & surprised myself really how just a little piece of good news really brightened my day!

Day 2

click to enlarge

Well 2 down.. how many to go? I am really pleased with how the art journal page came out! Not sure I can manage it again!

Day 1. LSNED 2009.

I thought I would share my Day 1 from last year...
if I had one wish I would love to turn back time
& give my little guy lots of squidges
because you can never have too many!!

Thank You for calling by my blog & I know I keep saying it but it's true! I really do appreciate all the lovely comments left on my blog. Thank You..xx

I must apologise for my lack of blog hopping. Fingers crossed when everyone is packed off to college, school & nursery I shall be able to catch up with a spot of blog hopping. Til then, thanks, for calling. Gez.xx


  1. You really have got the knack with this art journaling. I remember when my kids started school each, and that's going back 37yrs!!!!, I cried all the way home. Soon got used to it though!!!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. I am LOVING your new page Gez!!!!!! I have my journal here all ready to go but its just doing that 1st page isn't it :(

    No wonder Shimmelle picked Tom to highlight...its a lovely page & saus it all!


  3. Hi Gez,
    Another great journal page. Your daily thoughts are so interesting.
    Fiona x

  4. The original page was fab and how lovely that it got chance for an encore as part of this year's journal - great job!

  5. Great page today Gez! Love that soft blue/purple combo!

  6. Another great journal page, love it.

  7. Great page Gezzy, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and congrats on appearing in Shimelle's prompt. See you around in class :)

  8. The art journal page has turned out brilliantly.....and what a gorgeous page to look back on from last year.

  9. A good lesson learnt
    I love your pages and they will make a great memento

  10. Aw Gez that is lovely, I'm so glad you had something to brighten your day, you deserve it!

  11. I saw you on the prompt and was so thrilled for you :-) Love your art journal pages xx

  12. Congratulations, Gez. You're right - it's the little things that make all the difference :D

    Love your journalling - wish mine wasn't so private, lol, then I could blog it!

  13. Congratulations Gez on your "Day 1 LSNED 2009 being used by Shimelle.Love todays journal page the colour is wonderful and so is the border.
    Pat xx

  14. oh these really are wonderful pages,hun brilliant hugs cheryl xxxx

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