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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Learn Something New Everday

Oh WOW! what a lovely surprise this morning to see one of my pages from last year's class attached to Shimelle's email this morning.

A lesson I haven't forgotten..

I remember the news coverage & the mystery surrounding swine flu & suddenly, I was forced to stir it straight in the face.. It was a very frigtening time. DD ended up being very poorly & had a stay in hospital (swine flu triggered broncitis) & unfortunately, missed weeks of her last important year at school. 

Shimelle, kindly attached this page the other day! I love how Shimelle picked up on that fact that I found papers to go with the red in the photograph. :)

I had so much fun with LSNED09 last year & can't believed I scrapped & blogged everyday! Goodness, I must have been on the ball!

I have been writing little notes each day this year & love, love, love how LSNE(year!) makes me more aware of things around me & happening in my life today..

Thank you Shimelle for a wonderful class.x x x


  1. Love the page about going out in the rain, I follow Billy Connolly's philosophy that there's no such things as the wrong weather - just the wrong clothing!

    Well done for not panicking last year when DD was ill, I think I definitely would have panicked! Glad it all turned out ok. xx

  2. You've captured these memories so well x

  3. Hi Gez,
    Isn't it great to have something to bring back memories. These papes are so worth keeping.
    Fiona x

  4. I knew I should have joined in with Shimelle's class this year... you have fab pages to look back on and so many more to come. You go gal... fabulous.
    Have a wonderful weekend Gez
    Chris xx

  5. What a great page and an historical reference.

  6. What lovely memories, beautiful page. xx

  7. It doesn't seem possible that a whole year has gone since you did those pages. I remember poor Rachel being so ill and you getting up and going out with the kids too!
    They are so pretty your pages xxx

  8. Hi sweetie, sorry I havenet been over for a bit, I have been so busy filling orders for my cards I have had quite a few comissions, hope you and your lovely family are well, would love to meet up for a coffee or something soon, love Aly xxx

  9. Hi Gez,

    Lovely memories and such a lovely keepsake!

    Love Kerry xxx

  10. It's always lovely to look back on your art and see what you were doing the previous year and how the memories affected you at the time. Lovely spread and wonderful post. Sorry to read about your dad. Hope all is better now, and if not now, SOON!

  11. I remember these pages too and in a hundred years they will still be here,telling their story

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