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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Learn Something New Everyday 2010

Here is my page for Day 4 of {Learn Something New Everyday}.... I learnt that I shouldn't go eating sweets left lying around the house when I feel a little peckish!

Day 4
So now I know why these sweets were left lying around the house!!
Why would anyone make something sooooo sour beats me?
Once you get through the sour coating they are like normal skittles
but those left in the bottom of the pack are a different story!!

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Nearly forgot to share with you the great surprise I had yesterday when I opened Shimelle's email to find one of pages attached from last year. :) Here it is again.....

This was one of my favourite pages from last year & it was a great delight to see it attached to the email for inspiration! I learnt that day that it's no good waiting for the storm to pass be happy anyway!


  1. I agree, I don't get sour sweets at all!! Great page, though.

  2. Hi Gez,
    This years page made me laugh. If someone else left them lying around they can't be good Hehe.
    Fiona x

  3. He, he - I LOVE sour Skittles so much that my friend used to go buying them in tens for me, lol. Love the pages, though - you're really inspiring me!

  4. Just love all your pages....and soooo agree about sour sweets!!

  5. Hee hee, I guess if the kids haven;t eaten them by now it's probably telling your something! Great page and lovely to see last year's sunflower again, too!

  6. I so get the munhcing of sweets thing, luckily mine rarely leave any lying around! Love the style of your page, very cool!

  7. I so get the munhcing of sweets thing, luckily mine rarely leave any lying around! Love the style of your page, very cool!

  8. I love sour sweets infact I bought a packet of Maynards Sours yesterday and have just had to go and get them out of my caras you reminded me. Now I will be looking for sour Skittles.Love your page and the style of writing in different directions and the sentiments made me smile :)D.
    Pat xx

  9. Great LSNED page - we talk about getting "skittled" when we've eaten too many of those in our house.

  10. hahahahahahahaha I can just see your face...all screwed up with the taste!!!!! Brilliant page sweetie XXX

  11. hehehe!! Another fabbo page Gez!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. tee hee that will teach you Gez!

    Wonderful page.


  14. Love your journalling page. I just have not got started as yet. Might have to try and do mine next month. Great job!

  15. Loving this series of pages you are doing! this one is fabulous, love the mix of contempart, botanical and vintage images, the work perfectly together! You are an inspiration! Hugs Juls


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