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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

WOO HOO........... I'm back!!

It's all change again over here on my little bloggie!!

Fingers crossed all the links work!

I love change! ............ I'm always moving the furniture around at home!! hehe..

I can remember as child moving my bedroom wardrobes.... (regularly!!) but I'm one of these..... (so DH says!!) FULL of great ideas! but I don't think about it first..hehe, which has got me in a pickle more than once!!!)

With the help of my bestest friend & daughter RaeRae (as my 3yr old calls her!) my little blog is looking a bit different......er, can't wait to see what you think?

I have a 2nd blog that I use to keep track of great sites/links/tut etc., that I find & use as a sandbox for trying out backgrounds rather than messing/losing my real blog... I am some how hoping to merge the 2 & share the great links that I find..... you are invited to stay a while.... happy browsing!

I would also like to Thank Sunshine Girl for her lovely comments that she leaves me..xx good ideas when I'm stuck & her awesome looking blog that inspired my restless mojo! Oooh & her gorgeous award!

Thanks hunni...xx

Please let me know what you think? good or bad!! It'll do for now... ( in my books!) ..... still thinking about giving Blogger the heave ho...

THANK YOU for all the get well wishes.... I am looking forward to getting back to crafting a.s.a.p....x x x

Oooh just a thought! I know it's silly but the button to leave comments is at the top of the post.. SORRY XX


  1. Looking good Gez...Love the header - of to have a wee mooch around!!! Hugs and stuff Kirsti...x

    PS My son has a habit of moving his bedroom furniture around - it changes on a weekly basis!!!

  2. Wowee, I *love* the new look! :-) I shall have a fun time exploring properly now xx

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. OOooo it's looking good Gez - I love the fact you've got different bits to your blog at the top! Can't wait to look through it all properly xxx

  5. Great new look! Love the header points at the top...will get around to browsing some at the weekend :)
    xoxo Sioux
    Hope each day is a little better for you

  6. Gez I love this uncluttered look. It makes it a lot easier to read and it looks so fresh and youthful. Like yourself? hahaha


  7. Love the new look and must go and explore all the new areas :-)
    Love and hugs,
    A x

  8. Missed you, glad you're back, love the new look.

  9. WOWZER Gez !!! Lookin good girl !!! I love the little houses on your banner !!! Could you come over and organise my furniture a bit better LOL !!! going away for a few days so wont be around HUGS

  10. Hi Gez, your new look blog is fab, fab, fab!!! You are so organised and I love all the tabs at the top - I've been mooching around some of them already - I love your YouTube list and will come back to have a proper nose!

    Thanks for sharing it all!

    Hope you're feeling better now, take care xxx

  11. oh hun love the new blog look really awesome,great header too I am always moving the furniture around too but like you never think it through first,he he hugs cheryl xxx

  12. Wow! Love the new look blog Gez it is fantastic, so clean and fresh looking, great. Hope it helps your blogger problems. :-)

    Love Lynne xx

  13. Love the new look Gez :) I really like the colors and the setup:)

  14. Well obviously I love the new blog too! Its a cute background isnt it. I used to always be moving my bedroom around too when I was at home, much to my Moms despair!, dont bother now though - too busy getting inky fingers! Hope you are feeling better now.


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