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Saturday, 30 October 2010

I've blogged....

on my other blog :D  It's not a crafty blog...
so I don't mind if no one calls.. just wanted to put a shout out on my crafty blog in case anyone fancies joining in... details HERE

Thinking I might put my entries into an art journal in the new year... just one of my Gemini thoughts.. hehe..

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Vertigo in full swing here.. :(

Love Gez ♥


  1. I like the journal idea Gez, It would nice to have a collaboration of projects :)

  2. Oh dear...that's not good news about the vertigo...all you can do is keep your chin up honey and carry on...Am of to have a wee look on your other blog...take care and (((Hugs))) Kirsti xx

  3. oh hun,you take it easy you hear me,I know what its like to not be on top form but this card,hun is a cracker,brilliant iamge,and layout love the look of your new blog hun hugs cheryl xxxxx
    will go over when i am feeling bit more my old self xxx


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