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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Morning WOYWW'ers everywhere...xx & all blog visitors... 

not much crafting to show as such as today makes it 2 weeks since I started with vertigo.. the Doc says it lasts 6 to 8 wks :( 

as you can see the dresser is a little messy this morning..... oooh, should I really be sharing this shot with you fabby crafters.....


now no clicking to enlarge!! promise?? ;o)

I'm mid tidy up tbh... gotta keep my mind busy!.... I've had a little play about on my blog too... see post below! Hope you like it! 

Looking forward to visiting lots of fabby workspaces over the next couple of days... doesn't it soon come round!

Take care & if you are wondering why the fiddle I'm showing off my mess! then pop over to {Julia's} to find out more... thanks for calling..xx

Edited to say.. ooh Claire I haven't forgotten the close up's you wanted to see... xx 

..... found them! 

 I made the placque for a Compendium of curiosities challenge over at Linda's blog {Studio L3}. Click here for {details}

 click to enlarge

My gorgeous Fairy Door was made at a Fairy Doors workshop with {Lindsay Mason}. Click {here} for details..

  click to enlarge..

Thanks for calling...xx


  1. Love the mess!! if anyone can craft without a mess Gez then they arn't doing it right!!! lol

    Hope you are feeling better and I love your new blog would love to know how you have done it, the layout is lovely!!!

    Hope you have a good week love Chanelle xxx

  2. This has made me feel loads better Gez! lol You have to have a bit of mess when you are a crafter, don't you? Hope you are feeling better real soon. Love and hugs Lynne xx

  3. Love your new blog layout, still can't change mine, even without the code the ol' black back ground is there! Love your dresser this week, sooo craftifly messy! happy WOYWW!

  4. Good luck sorting the desk out, hope you can do that without problems. take care.

  5. Oh you poor little poppet wiht the vertigo. My hubby is prone to those attacks, VERY VERY unpleasant, even to watch.
    I do wish you well
    Love your craft space
    .Until next time, have a great week, take care
    mandi xx

  6. Lovely new blog Gez, but what a messy desk! I clicked on the comments link and it froze. Could only access it once I had left your blog. How strange.
    Luv Joanne xx

  7. Hello Gez! I love the new blog - lovely colour scheme, it all looks lovely and fresh and clean :D As for your tidy up ... good luck! It's one of the "good ideas" that you regret 10 minutes in, but is worth it in the end! xx

  8. I can't bring myself to take pictures of my house during my mid organisation marathon! LOL Hope each day is a little better although if it's anything like when my DH had it years ago it just sort of went all of a sudden.
    xoxo Sioux

  9. oh you have lots on your dresser this week hun,hope you are feeling better too hugs cheryl xxx

  10. Loads on the dresser this week - never seen it that full before.
    Check out the fish on my blog
    Sarah #16

  11. Ah the classic stack and sort later technique, you seem to have mastered it nicely lol hope your soon better happy woyww

  12. Lots of fun and colour there - waiting for you to get better. Hope things pick up and that you can get back into creating.
    sasa 10

  13. wow your creations are just amazing....and I just love your polka dot storage boxes! Hugs Juls

  14. Lovely dreser again.
    Great birdcage design - I really love this die!

  15. Ooops, my finger slipped and I enlarged the photo - then it slipped again and enlarged even more - LOL. I'm wondering what's in the boxes!!

    Just think, as each day passes you're a day nearer to being back to normal - hopefully, your vertigo will pass earlier than they've said too.

    Take care xx

  16. I'm wondering whats in the boxes too Sherry! Will let you know next week :)

  17. Yikes, six weeks with vertigo, I don't think I'd bother to get out of bed!

    Brenda 96

  18. lovely mess and great pink/brown boxes these are so handy, thanks for the peek

  19. Oooh I so want that dresser!! Hope you get better soon.

    Take care.A.xx(29)

  20. Hope the vertigo - goes quickly. I love your little projects.

  21. ooh I feel right at home, lovely snoop and I enlarged before I knew I wasn;t supposed to...


  22. Oh dear, I enlarged too, sowwy! Enjoyed the snoop round, lots of luverly stash on your dresser.

  23. Hey Gez, I was going to ask if there was something different about your blog, but didn't want to embarrass myself (grin). I'll be right over to help you tidy up. Ever since you filled that cabinet, I've wanted to come play. Happy WOYWW from number 2 this week.

  24. Great looking blog! Mess is good. Mess is creativity in progress.

  25. I really love your dresser...just want to get stuck into it and nose around! Great artwork..love the Fairy Door. Pam (20)

  26. I did enlarge, but my defence is the need to see all the lovely stuff every week. I'm sorry that the vertigo is still in evidence - 6 to 8 weeks - OMG poor you. And you see, it soesn't matter about the dresser top - mid tidy up or not - because it's not your working surface right now, huh!!

  27. Love your little projects Gez. Really hope your vertigo goes soon. It's something I get from time to time and I say it's like being drunk without the pleasure of enjoying a drink. :-)
    A x

  28. Fabulous projects - thanks for sharing them. I so love your dresser - wish my craft room had one of those.

  29. I just love looking at all the lovely things on your shelves, thanks for letting me be nosy :D

  30. Love the mess and your artwork. It's awesome.

  31. Hiya,
    If your vertigo is BPPV -- Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, then there is a procedure called the Epley manoeuvre, which you can find videos of on Youtube, which could very well help.
    I had this condition some time ago and it did help me.
    Lovely stuff on your dresser by the way!

  32. Just catching up after the week away. Wow!! love your blog - how posth with all the drop down menus! So sorry to hear that you've still suffering the vertigo - sending you lots of hugs. I love everything about the dresser, including the 'untidyness' if you can call it that - I think it's all part of creative crafting, of which there's such evidence in what you show x

  33. That is so gorgeous a mess it looks like an art postcard!
    Lots of tiny lovely things to spy on there. Don't envy your vertigo as I've had it a few times and life goes on hold because of it. Get well soon.
    JoZarty x

  34. Your plaque is great, gez, and I love your fairy door.
    Almost thought I'd come to the wrong blog, but the new look is fabulous!
    Hope the vertigo doesn't last too long and that you soon feel better - I know how horrible it can be.

  35. I did click to enlarge, but I hadn't promised not to hehe. Anyway Gez you well know that though many WOYWWers are tidy many more of us aren't, so your workspace doesn't faze us ;-) Love the plaque and the fairy door
    Anne x (58)

  36. PS hope you don't suffer too much with the vertigo

  37. Gez, your crafty dresser looks so enticing!

    Love the things you've been making too

  38. wow that fairy door is fab, as is the rest of the stash on your shelves. thanks for popping by earlier, i did enjoy the jewellery shopping and wine tasting. caroline #1

  39. I like your work and your shelving. It looks homey! Thanks for sharing.

    Terry #18

  40. Thanks for visiting, Gez. Hope that means your head is a little better.

  41. Hey you - you poor lamb having vertigo.. hope you are resting up!!!

    Its been a while since I was last here - and just LOVE the look of your blog. did you change it when you were having all that blogger trouble... its fabby anyway.

    love the tags and that fairy door just makes you believe there is something through it - takes me back to my Enid Blyton books!!

    You take care

    Paula x x x

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. Sorry you made me look , my desk is like that right now...and the floor , I almost broke my neck :) Hope your feeling better soon sweetie :)

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