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Friday, 12 November 2010

Something Completely Different

It's Friday again! I'd like to know where my week went?

It's all go in my household this week.. what's fresh! I've got one son home with chickenpox & the other with a sick bug & 6 weeks down the line I'm still suffering from lightheadedness & dizziness.. :(

To add to the chaos the boiler went on the blink & we had no hot water for 2 days.. cost a forturne to get it mended quickly & last Sunday the computer packed in :( It's lying here like a dodo.. apparently, the motherboard is frazzled.. goodness, I know that feeling!

I can't email, upload photographs or print anything & I can't get to my digi's :( .... so this might be my last posting for a while.. luckily, this photo was uploaded to my blog a couple of weeks ago! ..... sorry for not calling this week.xx

Just wondering what is going to hit us next!

I do have some good news tho! My Dad is suffering from renal failure & isn't a candidate for dialysis.. his Specialist is happy with his stats at the moment & doesn't want to see him again until January so that's made my day no matter what else happens right now.. :D

Too much chattering! ...... just wanted to explain why I haven't been around this week.. better get a move on with telling you about the new challenge over at Something Completely Different this week.

Anything goes this week over at SCD!  a card, Atc, layout, altered item.... or even an art journal page... here's mine...

...... the theme is WINGS

This page came to life with my 9 yr old in mind!!

...I didn't do it.... is one of his favourate/over used phrases!!
& I could just imagine him being in the wrong place at the wrong time & this happening to the snowman!!

The images are RAK's that I've had great fun playing with.. 

Thanks for calling today. xx

Hope you like my journal page.. 

A BIG Thank you if you get chance to leave me a comment. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend. Hugs, Gez.xx


  1. Your journal page made me smile :) Can picture it now...the innocent look the shrugging of the shoulders!!! LOL
    Hope you all have a much better weekend...it will help that the boiler is fixed!
    I hope your dads keeping his chin up....does not sound that good.
    Keep smiling frazzled motherboard! LOL
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Oh no! sending you lots of hugs sweetheart!

    haha that page made me smile too...I have heard that phrase so many times...must be a boy thing haha! Wonderful work my lovely!

    Don't worry about blogging...just pop in when you can XXX

  3. Oh Gez you are having everything thrown at you lately aren't you, hope thats the last of the challenges coming your way lately. Lovely news on your Dad, K x

  4. Wow again! Just love your art work! Sam x

  5. Hehe cute journal page and congrats on the happy news *hugs* :)

  6. Hi Gez, I'm sorry you're having such a bad week, but that is great news about your Dad!

    Your journal page made me chuckle.

    Here's hoping things improve quickly and you all get back to good health ASAP xxxxxxx

  7. Love this, Gez! Is the little person a stamp?

  8. Love your journal page, Gez. Good news about your Dad - hope everything else improves soon!

  9. Love your journal page, I hear this phrase such a lot. Yes we have a epidemic of chicken pox in school too, luckily I have had it.You are certainly sent things to try you but it's good to hear about your Dad a positive amongst all the negatives.
    Hugs Pat xx

  10. haha, i enjoy this spread a lot! love the stampotique stamps!

    hope everybody is well soon...

  11. Love the little page! Sending you a big hug too - sounds like you need one! x Jo

  12. Oh Gez really sounds like you've all been thro' the mill - hopefully nothing else will go wrong - hope the kiddies are soon all better and that your vertigo goes....

    FABULOUS pages...really loving this style of yours.


  13. Hi Gez
    Hope all will start looking up for you soon sweetie. what a fun and adorable page...love the funny snowman :)

  14. This is as cute as can be! I guess "I didn't do it" is closely followed by "it wasn't me" in the much-used phrase stakes!

  15. Fabulous pages Gez, love them. Hope you are getting a little 'ME' time in between looking after everyone else. Good news about your Dad. Take care Gez, talk soon. Love Lynne xx

  16. Fabulous pages Gez, love them. Hope you are getting a little 'ME' time in between looking after everyone else. Good news about your Dad. Take care Gez, talk soon. Love Lynne xx

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  19. I love this - stunning! Love the blue colours!

  20. Oh dear, things seem hectic Gez, but then what's new, you're always so busy. Bad news about the boiler, thankful now that I've not only taken out cover with British Gas but also have emergency cover for other stuff (boiler included in this only if regularly serviced) But I had a problem with the toilet cistern last week, it would stop filling up IYKWIM, the excess just kept running into the toilet bowl luckily, but managed to get someone out qiuckly with no cost. I know you could go on forever getting insurance cover but as I'm on my own (though DD's next door, her partner's not always around when I may have an emergency and some things need more than a handyman) I though it prudent to get cover.
    Anne xx

  21. Hi Gez,
    These are beautiful creations. I love your work.
    I hope you are feeling better and a bit more like yourself.
    Fiona x

  22. oh hun,so sorry you are having a bad week,but these are just stunning hun,the coulrs the detai wow hugs cherylx

  23. Sorry about all the disasters - hope everything gets on an even keel soon for you. Love your journal. In fact it's fab!

  24. Great journal spread. I really like how you can see the script in the background.


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