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Monday, 20 December 2010

Art journal page..

another one! 

a bit of 'thinking time while' I was waiting for the kettle to boil last night...

unfortunately, my Pitt pen wouldn't write over all the layers & I had to use a black fine liner... I'm not happy with the wording but like the page as a whole....

more aqua!!

Ooooh... look.. it's even snowing on my pages.. hehe.. just wondering if this little girlie has vertigo too... ;)

click to enlarge... unforturnately, the vibrant colours aren't showing up.. :(

I've used another image from Lily over at The Octopode Factory. I just love her work!

The words seem perfect... I MUST remember them. :)

Not sure whether it's with suffering with vertigo for over 11 weeks now starting to play tricks with my mind but I feel a little lost! may be it's just the time of the year... one of the times I miss my Mum the most.... I'm not sure what next year holds for my family.... it's all a bit unknown...... thank goodness I have my art journal! did me good to do a little spilling in my journal. I can recommend it! ...... still woke up at silly o'clock this morning lol...

Thanks for calling & leaving a comment if you get the chance. Gez


  1. Snap gez! I am soooo tired, but I keep waking up at stupid o'clock and can't get back to sleep. Done a lot of cryptic crosswords though! Your pages are just fabulous and I always enjoy seeing what you've been up to. These times of feeling low do pass and I'm sure your journalling is helping. Keep your chin up, lots of people are wishing you well. Love, Lindsay x x x

  2. Another fab page Gez I love the Aqua too and the wording is good it's how you feel.
    I hope this vertigo would get up and go and allow you to have a good Christmas.
    Love Pat xx

  3. Great page!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.Hugs Anesha

  4. This is a great page Gez! I do hope the vertigo ends soon - its a horribly debilitating illness! I'm glad you're able to pour out all the crappy stuff in your journal - it is THE most freeing outlet isn't it? x

  5. this is just gorgeous!!!! Loving the colour combo and the way you have done your journaling! Hugs Juls

  6. Hey Gez....

    Long time and no excuse other than me taking time off from blogging lately but I had to pop by to wish you and your lovely family a Wonderful Chrismas and New Year, I hope 2011 will be all you wish for...

    I will have so much to catch up on I know but that's something to look forward to, your card is beautiful, I love the colour tones and the acetate....

    Big hugs to you and your family, have a fabulous Chrismas Gez

  7. Fab page!!

    I just can't get them pitt pens to do what I want them to so I got some posca poster paint markers, not had a problem since! you can get them from tiger pens on-line pretty cheap.

  8. Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower!!!! Yay! I am honored that someone so talented as you would add me to their list!
    I have vertigo as well, at the moment not too bad except when I lie down (or get up from lying down). So I understand what you are going through :(
    Hope you have a wonderful Xmas and a Crafty and Creative New Year!
    xoxo Karen

  9. Gorgeous page !
    Gez i hope you and your family have a wonderful xmas xx jo xx

  10. Firstly, thanks SO very much for your compliments on mt 'tags of craftyindividuality' I had so much fun creating them and to receive such a lovely comment truly made my day! I noticed you are involved in a journal with Dyan, an amazing woman. She helped me so very much when I was starting out, I have so much respect for her. Love your 'blogs', hope I have chosen the right one to leave my comment! Thanks again, so much.... Sue xxx

  11. It's lovely Gez, I really love your art journal pages :)

  12. It's lovely Gez, I really love your art journal pages :)

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