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Thursday, 16 December 2010

I'm still here!! ....

... just!! .... you know when life throws you lemons! Well, I am getting great big dirty ones daily!!! ..... can't wait for the children to finish school & the shopping to be all done & we don't have to go out!!!!!

I got a lovely phone yesterday from Dawn Bibby's Design Studio telling me some of class dates for the new year... oooooooooh all day art journaling with the fabulous & talented Lindsay Mason & ooooh .......... mixed media angel......... oh!....... then.......... the disbelief set in as I realised both classes are on my children's birthday's..... Boohoo!!!!!!

Soooooo.................. I did a little journal spilling before bed last night & snuggled my very cold hot water bottle!!

click to enlarge..

I'm quite into aqua backgrounds at the moment & I had this one handy! The hand is from a magazine & the gorgeous image is from Dezinaworld. June very kindly let everyone who took part in her last challenge choose a free image sheet! Well I was spoilt for choice!!

Oooh just had a thought........ as I previewed this post........ does this page make me look selfish????? that's not my intention... life just doesn't seem fair that's all... or am I greedy wanting too much?? birthdays & classes...... now I'm wondering whether to delete this post???

Is it okay to blog a late night rant moan?!

Sorry... I haven't been around much at the moment... the vertigo is still going strong 11 weeks on.. I've had 2 quite bad falls... one on the ice & one with a box of Christmas trimmings on my head coming down a ladder backwards! ... don't ask.. needless to say I look like a boxer with all my sore bruises!!!

I have been keeping up with Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas.. I just haven't had time to blog them... yet! I'm leaving you with this one! oooooooh I really wish I was here!!

Keep warm everyone.xx Thanks for calling & leaving a comment if you get the chance. Happy crafting. Gez


  1. You have a right to feel the way you do...we all need the little things to make us whole....sometimes it does not seem fair...the 1st workshop I missed last year was the same for me! It's not being selfish!!!
    xoxo Sioux ;)
    Great page by the way..... ;)

  2. Not selfish at all darling. You must feel so frustrated that you can't go :( A good rant is good for us all!

    I am keeping up with my journal as well. Its seems to get more personal every year that I do it, which pleases me as I think its a nice legacy for our children (or whoever wants to read it) Take care my lovely, BIG HUGS XXX

  3. Don't feel selfish Gez, after all, it's your life. Actually, I don't think you need a journalling class, you are an expert.
    Luv Joanne xx

  4. Oh bless you. As if your vertigo wasn't enough! Hope your bruises fade very soon and you don't have more tumbles. Take care and here's hoping you and your family have a great Christmas.
    A x

  5. Ohhh Gez you are not selfish at all and thanks for the mention i love what you did with this image and its a fab journal page, Hope you soon get better please, please stay safe...hugs June

  6. now you listen to me hunny you are not selfish at all far from it I know I do not know you personally but you always come accrros as one of the nicest kindest people in blog land hun so you make sure you do what is right for you too hun,and take it easy and look after yourself as you need to be taken care off as for your journal hun its just amazing really adore what you have done,brilliant work,I want to start one next year too,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Gez,
    Your creations are fabulous as always.
    As far as the moan is concerned, you have every right to feel sorry for yourself with all you have been going through. You really need to take care - ladders indeed, what were you thinking? Take care.
    Special hugs,
    Fiona x

  8. You have a good moan girl!! That's what we are here for. If I really was a fairy Godmother I would grant your wish but as I am a mere house elf all I can do is listen. So feel free to have a little rant - life is not being kind to you at the mo so you are entitled to moan about it. Take care and don't get cartwheeling round - that vertigo is a bu....! Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy and Healthy new Year!!

  9. Great journal page and it's good to have a rant/moan,makes you feel better. Hope the vertigo soon goes.

  10. Fab pages Gez. Some times it does you good to have a rant. Hope you feel better soon. Love Lynne xx

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Sorry you are still suffering, hope that it will soon pass. Love your pages!

  13. You poor babe, I hope you feel better physically and mentally very soon xx

    And of course it's not selfish to feel a moment's regret about a clash of doubts, or even to voice that regret. You're amongst friends here :-)

  14. Gez if you can't have a moan and let your feelings out on your own blog i'm not sure where you can.
    Your jottings are not selfish at all, we all need a bit of me time and sometimes life just gets in the way.
    Chin up and keep plodding.
    Sue x

  15. Fab!!! Love your dreams journaling page! Hugs Juls

  16. I have not been around blog land very much recently. You have every right to feel as you do and it is not at all selfish. You have had and still have more than your fair share of problems. It's so sad you can't go to the journalling class. Your journal page is fab and so expressive.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hugs Pat xx

  17. No you are not being selfish at all, being a mum is a full time job on its own without looking after the house and any other commitments so you deserve as much 'me time' as you can get.

    ....and your page is gorgeous! I hope you are not too badly bruised and feel better soon :)


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