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Saturday, 18 December 2010

I've blogged....

... on my other blog... see HERE!


Sorry for not being around much at the moment... Thank You for everyone's lovely comments below.. & kind best wishes.. they really do mean so much to me.XXX

I'm hoping the crafty fairy might leave a new mojo in my Christmas stocking.. along with a bottle of energy, a time-turner (like Miss McGonagal's in HP!)  oooh & may be some new paints ;)

Promise to call soon. Love Gez


  1. Oh Gez...I can't believe that Amy and I managed to pick both birthday dates for those classes! Incredible. Hopefully there will be some other dates very soon that won't clash. Journalling's a great way to vent the frustration isn't it? I think we all get extra tired and generally fed up before Christmas and having a good rant is very cathartic. Take good care of yourself, have a fabulous Christmas, come back refreshed and know that your work is always admired by everyone who visits your blog. Sending hugs from us both, Lindsay x x

  2. Time turners all round please! Gosh, wouldn't that be great?! xx

  3. Just put a late comment on your previous post as I have not been around much.The awful weather does not help when you are feeling low blue skies and bright sun shine does wonders. I hope your requests are granted and I hope you have a lovely peaceful Christmas and that the new year brings some changes to your life.
    Hugs Pat xx

  4. Hey you are allowed a break at this time of year Gez honey... it's always manic for those with little ones :D

    If that fairy grants your wishes...can you send her my way too cos I've a feeling that after Christmas I could be all mojo'd out...lol

    Chris xx

  5. Lovely journal page, love the colours and the image is fabulous and the text fits perfectly. Great piece. Tracy Evans x x

  6. Fantastic page, Gez! I love Lily's images too!


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