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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Happy WOYWW everyone!

I am did my best last week to visit lots of blogs.. for some reason I couldn't leave comments on some.. so I am sending you my apologies.. Blogger has a lot to answer for at the moment!

You'll never guess what?! 

I've had a bit of a tidy on my Welsh dresser.... er, my Dad now has internet.. sooooooo I thought I'd better make an effort in case he asks for it back!!!!!!

da da......

click to enlarge!

Still not much crafting going on at the moment as I head towards my 10th week of dizziness... :(

I'm just catching up with my 365 art journal pages before school...

a lovely quiet time of the day.. that passes so quickly!

Hope everyone is keeping warm today & be safe if you have to venture out.xx

Please remember to pop over to Julia's to see more scrummy workspaces!

Thanks for calling. Promise I will do my best to pop by & say Hi... xx

Keep warm. Hugs, Gez


  1. Scrummy background on the journal pages :)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Wow it really is sooooo tidy Gez!!!! Love the journal pages look fabby!!!

    Sorry to hear you are still suffering! Love & Hugs Chanelle xx

  3. OMG! I can see me on your gorgeous dresser!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  4. Love, love, love the welsh dresser.
    Sandra #70

  5. Hi Gez - Did you colour the frame to the mirror on the bottom shelf of your dresser? if so, what did you use? I have several and I want to put a little dumfed pic instead of the mirror but want to colour wash them first. Your dresser looks so beautiful - just wish my room looked so neat! Hope your dizziness improves soon. x Jo

  6. Beautifully tidy dresser, Gez - just hope the dizziness will ease really soon so you can get back to some normality. I've just had a feast for my eyes looking at your recent beautiful crafting - love and hugs x

  7. Your dresser looks all spic and span now! Mind you, it looked lovely even before the tidy up! Your journal pages look fab, love the colours.

    Sorry to hear you're still feeling the dizziness, hope it goes away soon.

    Sherry x (95)

  8. So sorry to hear your dizzyness still hasn't gone. What a pain that must be. Your dresser looks really fab.
    Sending you special healing hugs,
    A x

  9. loving your lovely crafty space today - thanks for sharing it with us - lv Liz

  10. Great pics! Thank you for sharing. Pop over to my blog for my brand new blog candy!



  11. The journal pages look fab Gez! Lots of lovely stash on the dresser too!

  12. Hi Gez
    wow your dresser looks fabulous, so many goodies on it, luv the journal papers, happy WOYWW, sue,x(23)

  13. Oh look! Your dresser is made of pine!!! Never knew that, lol! Nice to see it so clean and tidy! Sorry to hear that your dizziness is still with you, that really sucks.

    Brenda 90

  14. Are you sure that's the same dresser Gez? It looks so tidy! ;))

    Those pages are looking as lovely as ever.

  15. Wow - how tidy is that-excellent, now would you like to pop over to mine and tidy up my space for me???

    Loving your pages - I too have finished my December pages and am so proud I managed to finish this challenge even if some of the months were a little behind!!..Hope you vertigo doesn't last too much longer...((Hugs)) from meeeee....xx

  16. I'm loving that new set of pages. Again, am so envious of your dresser- looks a perfect place for storage - and so neat and tidy.
    I have been suffering with a bad chest for weeks now, just think I have one gone and another comes along so I know how you must feel with the dizziness. Do hope you get some relief soon. #33

  17. Great papges Gez and do I spy some black and white twinchies???


    Hope Tom and everyone are feeling better. x

  18. I loveyour dresser. The wood is beautiful, and it looks so organized! I hope the dizziness goes away soon.

    Terry (24)

  19. It looks lovely and tidy Gez. I like your background for your art journal too :)

  20. I have always admired your dresser ... and I love chaos ...but I have to say its at its best when its tidy lol Take care of your self xx

  21. Gez I think your dresser is fab tidy or not.

    love the ink effect on your journal pages.

    not playing this week (its too addictive and i lose hours if i'm not careful) but couldnt resist a snoop at your desk.


  22. Fantabulous journal page, Gez.

  23. Your dresser looks sooooooooooo neat and tidy. I love those owls on there.
    Art Calendar pages are looking good.
    Sorry you are still suffering.
    Hugs Pat xx

  24. I love your dresser it looks so inviting. Can I ask where you got the house the inkpads are sitting in?

    Laura x83 x

  25. What a heavenly pine dresser, can just see it in my house and it is so well kept with all the goodies. Journal looks good.

  26. that dresser is fab,and your background on your 365 journal is great, gonna try and join in next year, no promises though

  27. Wow love that dresser lots to look at and the background paper is stunning ~ thanks for sharing Nicky ~30

  28. Another week seems to have around so quickly. It's nice to see a lovely neat and tidy desk with lots of goodies on there to have a good old play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 40)

  29. I know I'm late getting here this week. Wish I had gotten her sooner because I wanted you to know you are my blog pick of the day tomorrow (Wed Dec 8). I hope the dizziness cures itself soon. We sure need you well because all those supplies look SO tempting.


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