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Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Hello WOYWW'ers every where...

Thanks for stopping by my little bloggie today I promise I will try my best to get over & visit as many blogs as possible over the next few days.. :)
I've no crafting to share with you on my dresser this morning as I slipped & fell on the ice yesterday. I am feeling very battered & brusied this morning.. it hurts in places I didn't know I had places.... here is my lovely tidy dresser!...

click to enlarge

 I did manage a little doodling before bed again last night while I was boiling the kettle for my hot water bottle!

 Thanks for calling by.. & a BIG Thank You if you get the chance to leave me a comment. If you pop over to Julia's you will see links to lots of lovely fabulous blogs. A perfect way to spend some time..

I had a lovely surprise when I visited the Altered Book Lover. A special thanks to Elizabeth for her kind words & for keeping us busy with her rocking horses each week. Please pop over & say *Hi*

Keep warm. Love Gez.xx


  1. Gez, are you ok? You will be very stiff and sore today I bet. Stay in 'til the freeze is over and make a mess on that gorgeous dresser. Missed you Sunday so will catch up in 2011. Please be careful. Luv Joanne xx

  2. Oh Gez, I'm so sorry to learn that you slipped over - hope the bruises etc subside soon. Your dresser is looking so inviting - hope you'll be able to do some crafting. Love, love the doodling. Lots of hugs x

  3. The ice has been treacherous hasn't it. Do hope your bumps and bruises sson feel better. I did same a couple of years ago. My foot just shot out in front of me and I slid on my back like a someone on a "luge" run for about 5 yards! You feel so silly don't you. Take care and keep cosy. x Jo

  4. So sorry to hear about your fall. Love the dresser so pretty with all your lovely projects. Great journal page as well, love it! Take care, hugs Anesha

  5. The ice is so dangerous. I fell last year and you should have seen the size of the bruise! Take care and keep safe.

  6. pretty colours on that doodle page!

    please be careful on the ice, hope you get better soon.

    caroline #86

  7. Oh poor you, least you didn't break anything! Comment box would not open today, took ages trying waiting for onebadmoo, to open and then something else! Great dresser, love it, wish my crafty space was bigger and I'd have one! Have a Happy WOYWW!

  8. oh hunny poor you,gosh you make sure you take it easy hun,sounds painful,love your workspace,always have adored that dresser,as for you journal page hun its just gorouges,love it hugs cheryl xxx

  9. Oh dear - hope you are feeling a bit better now. Its flipping dangerous out there!

  10. Every week I say how I love that dresser. If ever I move and have a craft room I will have to get one like yours. I covet it!
    Lovely journalling by the way - great colours and lovely subject.

  11. Ugh, you have been in the wars recently. Stay inside and do some crafting or something nice for you, hope you recover soon. Great "doodling" too, and I also have a hot water bottle, absolutely love it!!

    Brenda 83

  12. Hope you are okay. The fairy is darling. Thanks for the peek around your space. S #99

  13. Hi Gez,
    Sorry I haven't been by your bloggy for a few weeks. More to read now though :)

    Hope your not too badly bruised after the fall, I think the shock is as equally as bad as the bruses. The weather has been treacherous.

    Your journal page is sooo scrumptious (i love that stamp and STILL haven't got it!)

    Also loving your JYC - and I couln't think of a better person to fill a page or two in Dyan's journal - Lucky you and great pages too.

    I promise now that things have settled down to visit more often

    Stay warm & safe


  14. Oh Gez, hope you are ok, after your fall. Your dresser looks very tidy & organized. Loving the doodling too. Love Sandra x

  15. great doodling , love the journal pages ...most excellent :)

  16. owch...hope you can still craft, and hope you are on the sick from work of any kind...milk it too.
    Wow how neat and organised is yr dresser.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sarah - Stressed Stamper#17

  17. Oh wow, your 'blue spread' is great. Look, I have a round robin that I am hoping to get started - I'd be superly excited if you visited the group (http://butterscape.blogspot.com/) and considered joining - I'm just wondering based on your groovn spread.

  18. I hope your bumps and bruises are not too painful! What a good job you didn't break any bones.
    Your dresser is neatness personified!
    Chrissie #7

  19. Lovely tidy dresser with some fabulous pieces on there. Love your doodling from last night too, very creative. Hope you are ok after your fall, must admit I have fallen twice in the ice but luckily not hurt myself, think I'm ageing rapidly LOL. Tracy Evans x x

  20. HOpe you are ok after your fall Hon. Hugs Pam x

  21. Oh so sorry to hear about your fall, sue the council for not clearing the pavements!!!!!! Lucky you didn't break anything, You will be really stiff in the morning I hope the pains and bruises go away soon.
    Your journal page is gorgeous Ilove the Moon Girl and I love the colour you have chosen.
    Take care
    Love Pat xx

  22. I'm sorry about your fall - it always comes as such a rotten shock when you fall over as a grown up.
    You're dresser looks lovely - hopefully , admiring it will help you feel better soon!

  23. Oh my goodness..are you okay? Do you feel any smarter? Sometimes when I fall my body hurts but my brain feels way stimulated! What an amazing desk! Please recover quickly and make something really really cool! Even a WoyWW banner! WOWW!

  24. Ouch! Love what's on your shelves..thanks for the peek.

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  25. Oooh! sounds painful. Love your dresser, it always loks great though - tidy or not:)

  26. Sorry I'm late getting here, even after you said such sweet things about me yesterday.

    I hope the bruises and soreness have subsided a bit by now. I always worry about that myself. Good thing I have the padding in case I fall (grin). Please take care of yourself. A nice hot bath might help, too. Let's hope the ice goes away soon, and you are feeling like crafting, too.

    BTW, those journal pages are adorable. I love the little fairy on the mushrooms.

  27. Oh Gez, poor you! I hope you're better now xx

  28. Oh no, hope you feel better soon :)

  29. your space always looks so inviting and creative...love how you have little projects dotted round all your fabulous stash!!! Hugs Juls

  30. Ouch! Hope that hot water bottle is giving you some comfort with your aches and pains. I love looking at your dresser each week - there's always so much to see.

    Bernie #81

  31. Hi Gez, Love your creative space and adore your fab journal page thats so cute.
    I would like to use your work for the dezinaworld everyone wins challenge to display on my website so just popped by to ask your permission. Could you let me know if that is ok please ? Also just checking with everyone that they got their prizes ? again, please let me know if you did or not and if not i will send you the link
    hugs June

  32. Oh lordy, I hope the bits you didn't know about are less achey and bruised by now. I find it's the shock that lingers these days. Your dresser looks so lovely, and may I just say - it's so like you to have a creative, genius type use for a conical candle!

  33. Sorry to hear about your fal, Gez. I hope by the time you read this the pain may have eased a little. I hope the vertigo is receding too.
    I love your pages, and the wintry colours - they are beautiful!

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  35. Hi Gez
    Sorry to hear you're in the wars, these things always seem pile on don't they. As a mum we ought to have the word GUILT well and truly tattooed on our foreheads but you know, our kids are perfectly capable of having a happy day without us being present every minute.
    Hope you have a lovely (guilt free) Christmas.
    Much love
    x Michelle


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