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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


.... not a lot!!

I can only look longingly this week at my craft dresser as I walk past it!!

I am not complaining tho...

it's half term from college/school/nursery this week in the UK..

(it's always lovely to have my children home :)

my little one is busy on his own crafty table this morning..

choosing the perfect egg!
more stirring..
 .. this is fun!
no it's NOT!
it will ALL be worth it! hehe...

(hoping to pop back later.. with some finished results.. apologies for blurrdy pics.. toddlers!!)

Please pop over to visit Julia & lots of fabby workspaces!

Have fun crafters if you are meeting up with T!m this week...xx

Happy crafting everyone Gez


  1. Aww, your little one is adorable! What is he making? I will have to check back! I love the progression of shots, it is all fun at the beginning and by the end, stirring is not so fun! Kind of like me cooking, lol!
    xoxo Karen (#44)

  2. Still envious of yhour crafting display but your little one stole the show this week. What an adorable little boy. Lucky you. #27

  3. Lovely piccies of your little cutie Karen, brings back memories. Love your dresser full of craftyness. Carolxx

  4. it's once they start raiding your craft dresser that you will really start worrying, for now enjoy the mess and the baking lol.

    caroline #53

  5. Your crafting dresser looks amazingly organised! Yet what your up to in the kitchen looks good too!

  6. Tom looks like butter wouldn't melt in that smily photo of him mixing hahaha.

    Come on Gez show us how they turned out!


  7. Hi Gez
    aww what fabby pics, such a cutie, luv the expression, use to luv the school holidays, ,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

  8. Have fun with your little one. One of my little ones has taken over my table today but she is marking school books not playing :-)
    A x

  9. Have fun hun looks like your enjoying time with the kids.Im away this week with my girls visiting my dad .On his laptop in between the girls have to fight for it!lol.Please pop by say hi and enter my half term candy...good luck
    hugs judex 7

  10. Yay! way to go, Tom! Looking forward to seeing the results. x

  11. Brilliant photos! Hope whatever he was making turned out great?

    Brenda 103

  12. Ahh! Can I borrow him Friday as I have 100 cupcakes to make and an extra mixer would come in handy Hugs Pam xx

  13. Ah, but it's nice to do things like that - lovely to see kids cooking.

  14. Aaawww he looks so good doing his baking. I bet there was flour everywhere!!
    Can't wait for you to mess up your dresser again xxx

  15. Lovely pics of Tom baking. And your Craft Dresser looks very very tempting!

  16. Beautiful dresser but your little one stole the show, how adorable. Tracy Evans x

  17. ohhhhh cute pics, Gez - so what were the results?

  18. Fab sequence of photos Gez..how fun. And pressure-less for you to because your crafty desk is immaculate!

  19. Awww so nice to see your cutie little one doing his own spot of creating...enjoy your time with your children love xx jo xx

  20. Bless ...love the facial expressions.

  21. Looks like there's fun cooking at your house just the same. Thanks for dropping by to visit.

  22. Love your craft dresser - but your little one is so cute with all that stirring thanks for sharing ~ Nicky 4

  23. What a cutie you have here, and he's even helping!!! Enjoy the time with your kids!

  24. Love the facial expressions. They change like Melbourne weather - known for giving us four seasons in one day on many occasions.
    Ros (100)

  25. Such cute pictures! He is absolutely adorable! I wouldn't have known about blurry pics cause I was busy looking at him. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #148

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  27. How lovely to be baking with a little one! Tastes way better when they nake it.
    Happy belated WOYWW


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