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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Photo challenge prompt #1

Good evening.. I hope everyone is well.. it's been freezing cold here again today.. I believe it's to drop to -4 tonight!

Well after 23 weeks of vertigo & a broken down train! I am still no further on with my treatment.. heyho!

So feeling pretty low tonight.. I decided to take part in Karen's photograph challenge.. 

I have some pics to share on my 'non' crafty blog HERE

.... didn't want to clog up my crafty blog as I couldn't decide on just one photograph!!!! hehe..

Thank you for looking if you get the chance. Gez


  1. Oh Gez. I hadn't heard you mentions your vertigo lately so had presumed/hoped it was now much better. Poor you.
    A x

  2. Hi Gez,
    I am so sorry you are still troubled by your vertigo. It can't be pleasant and I know how draining it is when something drags on and on. Take care.
    Special Hugs,
    Fiona x

  3. awww honey sending you ((((HUGE HUGS)))) I know what it's like to feel like things are getting the better of you. Hope you get sorted with your treatment soon and you begin to feel better.
    Popped over for a peek of your photos and OMG missus they are AMAZING.. another talent to add to your bow...wowza :D
    Chris xx

  4. Sorry you are still having such a rough time, Gez. Have you tried Cawthorne Cooksey exercises? The ENT Consultant I saw told me about them and, although they weren't nice to do, they really helped. There are lots of links on the web.


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