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Wednesday, 9 March 2011


It's that time of the week again! I can't believe we are hurtling our way through the 3rd month of the year already.. this is scarey!!

I'm cheating a bit today.. I'm off to the hospital shortly with my youngest & won't be at home today.. so I thought I would share what I was up to last night..

it's times like this I wish I didn't have to tidy away after crafting!

This is my little man going for eye drops & an hour's wait so his eyes can be examined.. it's not going to be fun! Do you remember the other week when he was hard at work...

Well, I didn't get chance to play along with WOYWW last week but a few blog visitors asked what he was making..

da daa!

...they didn't last long!

Hope everyone has a lovely day..looking forward to visiting you all soon. If you fancy playing along or wonder why I am showing my 'mess' then pop over to Julia's to find out more. Thank You for calling. Gez


  1. Looks like a great collection of pieces for a project! Is that the new Jamie Oliver I see? Jo x

  2. Love the look of your configurations box coming along nicely .Lot sea -side embellishments i see among them have fun cant wait to see the finished project.
    Your son real cute!
    hugs judex 3

  3. Great findings there - just perfect. What a face! Wishing you stamina!
    Thanks for sharing

    Sarah (sasa at 4)

  4. Love your configuration box - hope your day goes well with your young chef

  5. Hey, Jamie Oliver lives with you then! Hope today goes ok. I spy a seaside theme going on with that config. box? Roll on the reveal of the finished article.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  6. Hi Gez
    lovely goodies on ya desk, hope little one gets on ok at the hospital, great smiley piccie, yummy looking cakes,have good day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  7. Hi Gez, I hope all went well with the trip to the hospital. Your crafty top looks very busy, I love 'bits' and can never throw anything away. Your box is looking good too. I have a couple I want to alter, but so far haven't started in case I spoil them! Have a great woyww

  8. They look yummy. Hugs pam x

  9. Love all the seaside bits & bobs, Shaz #118

  10. bless your little one - adorable

  11. Oh what fabulous cakes but they pale into insignificance when compared to your son's wonderful smile :-)
    Look forward to seeing your stampotique creations and hope the eye hospital went well for you both.

  12. Lots of interesting goodies just wating for a new home!!
    Looks like your kiddo made some yummy goodies himself!

  13. What a poppet - I hope all went well at the hosp.
    Thats an interesting collection of bits and bobs!

  14. Yum Tom they look tasty.

    Your ephemera on your desk looks intriguing too. Love that colour of turquoise. :)

  15. very busy boy making all those yummy treats! I love all the ephemera on your desk. I bet it was hard to put away. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  16. Yummy treats and what a great picture!

  17. Yummylicious, hope you saved me some..lol Thanks for the peek and sharing, hugs Marjo #6

  18. What an interesting project you’ve been working on Gez, I just love the colours and all the nic- nacks.
    The cake baking project looked good too, I can almost taste them!

    I hope little one got on ok with his eye exam. I can relate to that, having just gone through eye surgery myself recently.

    Thanks for sharing and ………..

    Happy Crafting!

  19. Oh your config box is going to be gorgeous...as if it wouldn't be! Your little guys pride at the cake rack, gotta love those 2 pics!

  20. Love the configuration box - I have one of those too!! tee hee. Hope your little boy got on ok yesterday and he is ok. Thanks for sharing no 35.

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  22. Lots of lovely bits for your gorgeous configurations box... seems to be a lot of those desks at the moment and they all look fantastic.
    Hope the eye appointment wasn't too traumatic and his baking looks scrumptious!! Annette #5

  23. lots on lovely goodies on your desk hope the appointment went ok with your son ~ sorry I'm running late this week on noseing round the desks lol - Nicky no.2


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