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Friday, 29 April 2011

A right Royal 'Do'

Yesterday, was such much fun at my son's Nursery as I got an official invitation to join them for their Royal Wedding performance.

Thank you for everyone's kind wishes. The event was a success & so much fun! It brought happy tears to my eyes!

My little man..

I've blogged more details & uploaded 3 little videos only 20..30 seconds long! on my other blog HERE. Thanks, Net for showing me how!

Wishing everyone a happy Royal Wedding day.xx

Thank You for calling & leaving a comment if you get the chance. Gez.xx


  1. lol

    How sweet does PC Tom look!

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  3. I love the photo of your 'little hero'. I have a grown up one of those but he won't let me put a photo of him in his uniform on my blog. Enjoy the day - I've got the tele on now but can only watch in between helping put up new fascia boards and guttering!!
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  4. Oh he looks fab Gez! How you must have enjoyed seeing him play his role so seriously! Have a wonderful day today!

  5. Well isn't he the cutest in his policeman's outfit :)

  6. Awe!!!! Bless him!!! HUGS xxx

  7. Tom looks so sweet! Sounds like you had a lovely day. Have a great weekend Gez. Love Lynne xx

  8. What a great copper Tom looks! :)

  9. CUTE!!!!! Looks like you all had a great time!!! xx

  10. Love PC Tom and the videos are just fab!!!!

    Hope you also enjoyed todays Wedding Love Chanelle xxxx

  11. Aww, he looks so sweet, my little hero is 17 now but I still have all the photo's like these :o)

  12. Oh Tom looks so cute, you must be really proud and it looks like the sun shone for them too.
    Today has been wonderful, the dress was stunning, Kate looked radiant. I just sat in front of the tele all day apart from when I took the dogs out.xx

  13. Really cute photo Gez, and it sounds as though you enjoyed the day too....x


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