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Saturday, 4 June 2011

The day after...

the night before...

Good morning.. I can't thank everyone enough for their kind comments yesterday.xxxx

I think it was about 8.30pm last night when tiredness finally caught up with me. I think after the shock & acceptance at what has happened to us will come anger.. 

the front of our house is covered in black flame marks that stretch up past the bedroom window.. I still can't believe how lucky we all were that the bike didn't explode & our windows didn't get blown out.. there were quite a few cars parked in the street as well which had to be moved to safety.. things could have been a whole lot worse.

The bike belonged to our next door neighbour.. his insurance company are refusing to paying for any of our damage as 1) the bike was parked on a public highway & 2) no one has been arrested & charged with the crime.. this is where the anger is creeping in..

A local youngster has been bragging that he 'did' it... I was speechless that he could do that.. 

The glass in our windows is being held together with giant pieces of sticky tape that a glass firm came & put on for us & will ring on Monday to make an appointment to come & replace the glass in 2 windows.. we are responsible for sorting the front door & damaged walls. In 21 years we have never had an insurance claim against the house & now we have to pick up the pieces because of this youngster's actions.

I am lost for words today that someone could just come along & knock our lives out of kilter yesterday & get away with it..... & think it's funny & brags to his friends.. what a strange world we live in today... how do I explain to my boys that this was someone's idea of a good laugh?

Sorry for sounding off on my blog! Promise to call back later with some crafting.

I truly wish everyone a lovely weekend.xxx


  1. Unfortunately that's the world we now live in, terrible, what sort of parents sire these types of yobs, my children and I bet most of us are the same, were brought up to know right from wrong. So sorry for all the upset and mess you'e suffered, good luck with the insurance claim and I hope the police arrest the b*****d!

  2. You have every right to get mad Gez. The trouble with this country is we just sit back and accept everything whether it's right or wrong. Make a point and tell every newspaper, Look North BBC1 and your MP. Don't stop 'til you get a result.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. oh hun this world is just terrible how people get away with such, things,we too had to deal with things like this hun so know exactly how you feel they get away with it,and it really makes you so so angry,make sure you take it further hun we did it took a long time but we brought the boy to justice,so its worth pursuing hun,just thank god non of you were hurt. take care sweetie hugs cheryl xxxx

  4. What a terrible thing... I've only just read yesterdays post as well as this one. I'm sat here bewilded and baffled by such action!!
    I am so glad that you and the family are safe..
    Sue x

  5. Only just caught up Gez! So glad you are all safe but what an awful thing to happen. So senseless and stupid. A sad state of affairs all round really. Thinking of you, and hope insurance etc can put the material things right. As for you and your family well, I can only imagine how you are all feeling. Take care x Jo.

  6. Gez - I am just catching up on blog hopping & I am mortified.
    Unfortunately, as one of the other ladies said, this is the world we live in, no respect for other people or their belongings.
    The main thing is that you and your family are unharmed. Hopefully this idiot youth will be brought to justice in time.
    Take care (((hugs)))

  7. Oh my goodness! I am so sorry for what you and your family are going through with this pointless act of malicious vandalism, Gez. What a frightening experience to have to go through. Thinking of you. J x

  8. Sending you more big hugs today. Its a horrible world we sadly live in today. You just have to think you weren't hurt and it will never happen again. Love Hazelxoxo

  9. Get angry girl! But don't feel guilty about claiming on your insurance it is what we pay it for really. I believe the little $"£* will get his come upence...especially if he keeps "bragging" about it!!!
    xoxo Sioux (((hugs)))

  10. His Parents might not know he did it, you could always go round with the bike owner and hand them a bill for the damage, I would. If they don't pay sue them.

  11. Hey Gez !!! I would be seething with anger and saying bad words !! I agree with Clare H I would plead ignorance and had the bill to the bike owner !!!
    I am also a firm believer in what goes around comes around and at some point that little "sh*t" will get what he deserves !!!
    Just try not to let your anger become out of control then it is only you that gets hurt !! I speak from experience !!! HUGS AND LOVE

  12. Afternoon Gez sorry to hear about the situation no better today. You need to inform the police of this offender and let them sort it out for you. He will not "get away with it" if the police are made aware. If you say nothing he will.

    Yes claim on your insurance Gez as Artyjen has said before that is why we buy it!

    It has nothing to do with "the world we live in" kids need to be taught right from wrong and by informing the police you are showing your kids that people have to be accountable for their actions. And that little bugger will be brought to justice.

    Sorry Gez rant over.

    :) x

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  14. It is sick that the boy is bragging, I hope he gets his just desserts! :)


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