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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Last on the subject! & an art journaling page

You'll never guess what I found out this morning about the young arsonist.. he's been charged with 25 previous accounts of damaging cars & vehicles in the area & each time he has been given a slap on the wrist & 20 hours community service.. the court was told how he comes from a broken home & has had a poor upbringing by a mother that is in & out of court herself for stealing & dealing drugs.. :(

My daughter got this shot of the bike from upstairs just before it was taken away last night.. you can see how close we were to the bike.. we've been left with a lovely mess!

click to enlarge.. this was someone's pride & joy that he worked hard for...

Luckily for everyone the bike fell over.. even though the flames still went 20 feet into the air, they also went across the road as well.. this bike was parked between parked cars... we have all been very lucky..

Surprise, surprise I struggled to get off to sleep last night.... my 10yr old kept following me around like a shadow so we both had a little stamping time.. 1.30am ssssshh! I so hope we can get back in routine tonight!

Here is my page..

click to enlarge

It was a pretty difficult day yesterday wading through all the insurance business & giving statements to the police etc.. last night I felt like giving in.. I wanted to move house, move away.. my 4yr old over heard me & was sad at the idea.. it made me realise I could either let this whole incident get to me or deal with it & move on! so I art journaled & feel a lot better today :)

Thank You for calling..xx I've picked up a copy of Craft Stamper this morning in town & had a quick flick through.. wow! what a gorgeous issue :) I know I won't get a chance to look through in peace until tonight.. roll on!! 

Thank You for being there.. Gez..xxx


  1. Oh that makes my blood boil. Why do they just do the slap on the wrists that doesnt work with these people with problems. They just laugh. Grrr.
    You will be scared for a while as its been so frightening. But lots of chilling out and relaxing will help you all. Love Hxxxx

  2. I always find crafting is just the best therapy - it doesn't change anything but it does make me feel a whole lot better and able to cope!

  3. Out of adversity comes beauty ;) Beautiful page Gez.
    It's fair enough to give someone a chance but 25 previous chances is a bit too much!!!
    xoxo Sioux

  4. Cannot believe this only warrants community service, unbelievable but like you say everyone is safe and we cannot let people like this drive us from our homes. Wonderful journal page. Take care, hope tonight is a better night. Tracy x

  5. Fabulous page! Its a shame his mother does not care about him, his cries for attention and love are exploding in violence, nothing good can ever come from him and for that it is a crying shame someone so young is already written off by society and everyone around him.

  6. The reason why I don't have many friends, is that I tell it like it is!!!

    We, as a society have let this happen right under our noses, by a certain ruling class with ulterior motives on the agenda ( usually refered to as them or they ).

    They do not frequent the *real world and sometimes are oblivious as to how ordinary decent people live.

    That is why the subsequent generations are fed on a diet of destruction, violence, swearing and loveless sex, in the guise of ' entertainment ',as appeasement*

    After decades of declaring " what can we do ?" and doing nothing, we are now paying the price.

    Unless we start doing what we should have done in the first place ie. fight back with avengence, then matters will only get worse.
    Those people named *they, should be pulled out of their ivory towers and into the real world ( like public transport after 10.o'clock at night ? )

    So, don't give up and fight back Gez! David xxx

  7. wow, to the motorcycle. So sad..the world is gone wrong..such sadness for these kids that are not brought up right.

    I love the artcard..she's beautiful

  8. its amazing that someone, so young, can cause such harm and misery to so many - 25 offences should have resulted in something that should have stopped him in his tracks. There are far too many people in this world standing up for those "poor" people who are deprived or from broken homes - does that give them the right to disrupt other peoples lives? and does that give them the right to behave so badly? even those from broken homes know right from wrong!
    Just glad that you're all ok Gez - hope tonight is easier for you all.x

  9. This child needs to be punished for what he has done! So sorry your family have had to go through this. You take care. Hugs.

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  11. Gez, I have had a 'David dose' of talking to and you believe me when I tell you that if you listen to him and act on his very wise words, you will feel on top of the world. I've already suggested your next move so shan't dwell on it again. This is one reason I don't journal because I get so mad with the awful things that my pages would be so dark.
    Big hugs - and sweet dreams.
    Joanne xxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. I can only echo what others have said and send you lots of hugs - glad that you could both do some crafting, even if it was early morning. x

  13. Chin up hun, we'd all feel the same after something so horrible. Big hugs, Jo x PS Love that page - one of your best I think!

  14. Apparently when we say something, even if it's not really true, kids hear what we say and often react. It's good that they are not more traumatized than they are, right now. And of course making art often helps heal. I hope you heal soon, dear Gez.

  15. I hope you all have a better night and that it becomes easier as time goes on but we must never give up as if we do the scum on this earth will win and we can't let that happen. Hugs Pat xx

  16. This really makes my blood boil...always excuses for these vandals. I could go on and on but I won't as nothing is ever going to change while we have so many do gooders.....
    Loving your page, creating is a great therapy. Hope you have a more relaxing weekend dear lady. Annette x

  17. What a terrible story Gez! Glad to read that you all are safe but how terrified you must have been! It's so hard to accept that people do these things for fun without realizing what enormous harm they do to other peoples welfare and belongings. Wishing you strength and a good night of sleep!

  18. Oh my goodness I've just been catching up with your blog and was horrified by your story. So frightening. I am truly thankful you and your family are all ok. Thinking of you.

  19. Oh my goodness, how awful! I haven't read the initial post but the damage looks terrible. I'm so glad you are all ok though :)

  20. Oh dear Gez, I was just catching up on a bit of bloghopping when I came across this. So sorry to hear about what happened but very glad that you are all ok. Your children must have been very frightened (as wel as you of course). It is so difficult to understand why some people do things like this for a laugh.
    Your journal page is fab though! Kate x

  21. Good Grief Gez! this is awful, both the act of destruction, right on your doorstep and the fact that this person has been allowed to carry on as if it's just something that happens to those coming from a poor background. Fact is, something should have been done by now! Still thank goodness no one got injured, though the trauma you and your family have had to go through is no small thing. Hope you get every thing sorted soon as it will be easier to move on then. Amazing that you should be able to create such a lovely page following all this!
    Take care, Chrisx

  22. *sigh*

    He is lucky he's not up for a more serious charge than arson.

    Terrible. Glad they discovered who it was though. Pity re the melted street at the front of your place. If he gets a sentence for your 'incident' , they should get him to repair the tarmac before he gets sent down. :0(

  23. Oh sweetheart...I can feel your upset :-( Please take heart that no-one was hurt, it could have been a real tragedy! The real tragedy though is that this young man may get away with it again!!!! You haven't said what age he is but he is definitely responsible for his actions & should be duly punished! HUGS xxx

  24. Hi Gez, how awful for you and your family! Obviously the sympathetic approach is not working with this kid, when are the authorities going to realise they need to take action. It's the kind of situation where in years to come there'll be an outcry about something he's done and asking why he was allowed to get away with so much!
    Anne xx

  25. Its outrageous Gez and I can understand how upset and angry you must feel. Karma gets there in the end....x

  26. So annoying Jez, I had many family problems and I am sure lots of other children much worse than me and they don't go off destroying other peoples property. they just have the mentality oh they're insured so what.

    On to your beautiful work. I really like this it's so me ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  27. love your journaling page, love the soft background, and the beautiful image and the way you have journaled round the edge of her. Hugs Juls


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