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Thursday, 25 August 2011

New furbaby!

We've taken the plunge this week and adopted out first kitten! I've always been involved with cats and dogs and they have all been my Mum's.. this is my first own furbaby!

Meet Dusty, Selkie, Spyder, Ellie, Storm, Stella, Mouse... as no one can agree on her name as yet! 

Cat as she is being called at the moment is 8 1/2 weeks old and about the size of 2 Distress Inks pads.. and is as light as a feather! 

She's just like a little dust bunny!!

Cat has the most fluffiest baby coat ever.. which has a hint of red that the camera has captured.. I'm hoping this red will disappear as she gets older..

Gosh, it's like having a newborn baby in the house only without a nappy on!!!! 

She's feeding every 4 hours and sleeping lots... and has commondeared the best seat in the house.. how did she know that? and why is no one moving her! hehe..

We've managed to get her to stay in her bed with an added cushion!

Soooooo do you have any interesting cat names that we can choose? 

If we like it! I shall send a prize!

I'm hoping to be back with a crafty post next time.. today has been a difficult day to say the least.. thank you for everyone's kind wishes.. we've had blue sky and sunshine but it didn't make it any easier..



  1. She is just gorgeous......How about Misty?
    A x

  2. oooooooo she's lovely. How about finding which distress inkpad is closest to her colour and using that in her name! Have fun Gez, been thinking of you lots. Sam xxx

  3. Aww, isn't she tiny...and sooooooo cute. Love your new furbaby.

    Dusty would seem to be a lovely name for her or Storm - based on her colouring. Can't think of anything else that seems to fit.

    Toni xx

  4. Oh she's gorgeous! I know exactly what your experiencing with your new baby. My new kitten is 12weeks old I called her Missy for days because I couldn't decide on a name and it's stuck she is now Missi (Mischief)I love her.
    How about Snoozy?
    Enjoy! Suzi B xx

  5. Aaaaah how adorable , I like storm, reminds me of the Distress ink colour and the colour of her coat or smokie, smoky (grey). She is gorgeous and the are like babies, my 18 month old pug still is my baby. Tracy x

  6. Ooh gorgeous adorable little sweetie. So you now have a new mistress whose needs will become your primary concern over and above all others. You will have a wonderful life with your new Mistress. XOXO

  7. She is gorgeous! Makes me think of cobwebs or dandelion fluff!

  8. AWE!!!!!!!!! She is the most adorable little creature & she will be so loved & is so needed at your home sweetheart, Bless her.

    I had a cat called Mouse, not named by me though! Oh boy, she was certainly named after her habits as she was a brilliant catcher hahaha! Looking at her breeding I can't help but wonder if Gossip might be a good name as she has big ears & is bound to be chatty hahaha!!! She is such a poppet.....I want one too now HUGS xxx

  9. Aaaw! Soooooo cute! She looks like a Cleopatra to me!!
    Take care....and give the cute one a hug from me ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  10. Oh Gez she is gorgeous and looks so fluffy and soft. Sallie named her cat Evie, they are supposed to respond more to names ending with an'e' sound.
    Enjoy her whatever you decide to name her.
    Sue xx

  11. Aaaww she is so adorable. I hope that she gives you a welcome distraction when times get tough.
    I think you should call her mieow just for when you have to call her in! xxxx

  12. She's adorable - and set to make slaves of you all right from the start. Many years ago we had a blue Persian named Smokey, I think that might suit her well. Or how about Daisy because she is tiny, like the flower. Our Bonnie will not use her bed, at all, in no circumstances ... she always find the only place in the house that is the warmest, in summer that's in the line of the sunlight, in winter it's next to the radiator under my craft table and at night it's at the bottom of my bed! That's cat's for you. Enjoy :) Elizabeth x

  13. She is just cuteness beyond cute!!!! My fur-babies (still call them that even thought they are nearly 10!) still give us immense pleasure every day!!! I am often tempted by another kitten but think my 'big guy' Charlie would just hate it! His sister, Daisy, would smother a new baby with love....for now I'll just have stick with what we have!!
    By the way....she looks like a 'Smudge' to me...or maybe 'Cleo'...she has quite an Egyptian princess look to her!! Enjoy every minute of her and hope she's the start of brighter days for you all :) xxxx

  14. aw she is just adorable :)
    it took me an age to find my own 3 cats names lol

    but she looks like a smokey or amber!!! :)

    such a sweetie x

  15. Oh Gez hun, she is such a little doll! Oddly, Toad had chosen Vince's name before we even went to see the kitten litter so it's a good job I didn't bring all four of them home (oh Lord, four Vinces, perish the thought). Your little miss is a beauty, and making me feel quite maternal! Sxx

  16. Gez, she is adorable. Have fun with her. Hugs Anesha

  17. oh hun how tiny oh she is just so so beautiful hun,how about smokey,hugs cherylx

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. WOW she is gorjuss, I love her. I want one but with a puppy and a 12 year old Grumbly kitty I don't think it would be a good idea. Enjoy her while she is dinky as they grow so fast. Make sure the lids down on the loo seat as my Jess fell down it when she was that size!!!LOLOL
    Cause she is gorjuss and my fav gorjuss girl is Ruby I think that would be a fabby name, Love Hazelxox

  20. Ah Gez she is a sweetie I love her she is sooo small and fluffy.

    As for a name Harmony springs to mind.

    Have a lovely day Gez x :)

  21. Oh Gez she is sooooooo cute and a gorgeous colour, we always named our cats according to their colour eg ginger,blackie how original hehe.I think Dusty suits her. My neighbour has just lost their Persian cat she has been missing now for over a week and believe it or not her name is Dipstick.xx

  22. Hey Gez, I think of you lots. I'm sure holding a nice soft kitty helps. I love your little kitty cute as a button! I think Dusty is a perfect name because he does look like a little dust bunny. :) Hugs.. Eloise

  23. Awww how cute is she!!!!

    Fabulous to see you today! Kate's class is great isnt it!

    My cats are very un-imaginative names, Patch, Tiger, Stumpy (she only has half a tail) and Woddewick - from life of Brian, I did not name him, but the other 3 I did.

    My friend has 2 cats called Tickles and Tess, she makes you stand at the door calling Tess Tickles until you get it.... if you haven't got it put the two words together.... the neighbours think its hilarious!

  24. That is the cutest fur baby I ever saw! I think you should call her bunny ( well you did say dust bunny!). It would really confuse everyone wouldn't it LOL!I wanted to call one of our guinea pigs mouse because it looked like a mouse but my daughter didn't agree! But if you don't like the name bunny I think you should call her Susan. Or Margaret :-)
    Fab fab fab to see you yesterday x

  25. Aw she is so pretty Gez! I like Fizzy for a name.

  26. what a sweet kitty :) love the color .what a nice addition to your family , enjoy your new furbaby :)


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