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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Always remember.. art journaling page..

Hi everyone, it's nice to be back on my blog!

Little did I know last week I would end up having a little unplanned blog break.. to say my life feels a little off kilter is a complete understatement...... but.... I'm working on it!

I suppose the last couple of months have finally caught up with me.. 

There are very few things making my mojo buzz at the moment.. apart from the BRAND NEW stamps from Stampotique Originals.. (woohoo! one of the upsides to my new life.... I will have time to stamp!!)

.. the other day while waiting at a local supermarket checkout (how do I always manage to choose the slowest moving queue).. there was only one man in front of me so surely that was in a good queue to pick? nope!! ..

.. I spotted a hairdressing magazine and thought arh! arh! models faces for collaging? and then my head started buzzing with excitment... small things! .. I couldn't get home quick enough!!

I looked through my box of left over pattered paper and picked out some scraps.. found a suitable image from the magazine... covered her in gel matte medium............................ and...................... DISASTER!

While smoothing out the bubbles when I adhered the image to my collage I accidently tore the image just under the chin.. oooooooooh! 

I starred at her in disbelief!!!!!!! 

I left my collage untouched for a while then decided to carry on regardless and I can't tell you how delighted I am with the results..... I hope you like her too! 

My page carries an important message I want to share with everyone.Xxx

my collage page..


.... you'd never know! ... really..

Apologies for the watermark across her face... 
if you would like an Atc size print I would be more than happy to send you one.. wherever you are :-) 
I printed a copy out for one of my LSNED tags and was impressed!!! 
So, shout up!
 finished page in my large A4 watercolour folio Moleskine..
Stamps used: Journey Collage.. not sure about the swirl it's years old!..

The words read.... Always remember you are braver than you believe.. Stronger than you seem.. Smarter than you think.. and twice as Beautiful as you'd ever imagined..

Thank you for calling today and leaving a comment if you get the chance.. I really am looking forward to catching up with everyones blogs and creations really soon..... happy crafting. Gez.xxx


  1. Great decision Gez! Fab collage and I love your LSNED page - what a super quote too!
    Hope you are getting back to having some time for yourself on a regular basis! Take care, Chrisx

  2. My first day Chris.. I am LOST!

  3. Wonderful page and great text, Gez!

  4. Wonderful page Gez and a gorgeous quote, You have certainly transformed this page.
    Hope the family have all settled in nicely in school.xx

  5. Lovely page and a beautiful quote, one to remember. xoxo

  6. Wow what a transformation, fabulous. Tracy x

  7. Great page - great quote. Hope all Ok with you. x Jo

  8. Wow, stunning page! Love those words.

  9. Oh Gez...LOVE THIS...you are tooo sweet... :)

  10. Isn't it always the case when you have an idea in your head, that something will go wrong. Nice save, though. And you have a beautiful painting, too.

  11. Gez, I would have had a heart attack if i saw my piece rip. But i guess there's a lesson in everything. Breath, not everything or person is perfect. I love your watercolor painting! The saying is beautiful. Somtimes we all need to hear that. Have a wonderful day...

  12. Big (((hugs)))

    What fabulous work Gez and well done you for not thowing in the towel - the end result is super.

    Toni xx

  13. I would never have guessed your end picture came from the first picture!
    Fabulous painting. Her face is lovely, you just can't tell there was ever a rip.
    Art heals literally as well as spiritually eh?

  14. Great page and beautiful words!! Nice to have you back in blog-land! By the way did you get the e-mail I sent you??? xx

  15. This is fabulously beautiful, I really love your collage! Great message too.

  16. Beautiful artwork Gez! Love the colours you used & that fab quote! x

  17. Gorgeous artwork and such a beautiful saying x

  18. I love this Gez, and you know I love that quote too. Who cares that she ripped? None of us are perfect and it's your art and if you enjoyed making it then that is what matters.
    Sending big squidges xxx

  19. flippin heck gez,thats fab.....and i thought the 1st picture was your page till i scrolled down-fabulous darling :)

  20. Fab page and great sentiment - make sure you not only read it regularly but believe it, too!

  21. Love that mosaic stamp and the pink flower works so well as a contrast to black and white

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