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Sunday, 8 January 2012

365 photos 2012 challenge

..starting in 2012.. 365 photos 2012  

(this post was drafted in 2011.. sorry, Suzie!)

I just love taking photographs.. not that I'm an expert or anything..

I used to love using the daily HS:MS:HS prompts before they moved over to Flickr and for a short while I had a go at challenging myself to take a photo a day! 

I lasted everyday for 5 months.. printing out photographs and sticking them in a journal.. then I misplaced my journal! ... that's when I started my other blog Dandelions & Cookies.. a digital place to record my little happenings with the hope one day of having it made into a book for my children.. life as many will know has taken quite a few unsuspected twists and turns over the last 3 years and more so over the last 5 months! 

I wonder when things are going to ever calm down! 


One of my cyber buddies is turning 40 on New Years day and has come up with a marvelous plan for next year and needs all the help she can at keeping it going.. without us having to resort to calling at her place!

So, are you game for an exciting challenge in the New Year?

Please follow the link over to Suzie's new and exciting cyberspace... 

See you there.. 

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