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Monday, 1 October 2012

Thank you..

.. for all the lovely comments received about my sketch on Friday, she really is only a doodle on cheap paper! I pratice drawing whenever I can and never know what to do with them, but then I had an idea for her and I'm really pleased how she turned out! I'm looking forward to sharing her with you fully in a couple of weeks!

On Saturday I had made time for another doodle! I'm missing my daughter so very much, she has been and still IS my biggest inspiration and best friend!

So I made this one thinking of her.. she's called raining.. she's one of two.. the other one I haven't shared as yet is called .. in my heart.. punny I know.. it was just the mood I was in.. love you darling x x x x

 Have a great week dear blogging friends, I would be lost without you all.... Gez oxoxo


  1. Oh Gez this is a beautiful post. My grandmother used to say...'You have to let them go to keep them'. You and your daughter obviously have a really special relationship and that will never change even though there are miles between you at the moment. Treasure her independance and be proud of the job you have done in getting her there.
    My two daughters came home on Saturday bringing their 5 gorgeous children with them and we had a really special couple of hours of girly catch up and family time.
    A x

  2. I've said it before but I'll say it again - this is AWESOME! Beautiful work. Hope your daughter has settled in now. Claire x

  3. Oh those eyes say it all...wonderful work from the heart, HUGS xxx

  4. Another wonderful drawing so full of emotion Gez, Hugs Annette x

  5. She is stunning darling, the eyes show all the emotions you must both be going through at the moment.
    Huge huggles honey x x x x

  6. Oh she is so pretty. I just love her big wide eyes...

    I cannot wait to see more!

  7. Again such a beautiful face. My eldest is planning on going to Uni next year and I'm trying to prepare myself as we'll as appreciate his last year at home x


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