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Thursday, 11 October 2012


.. this FEELS a bit strange..!!

I have wanted to widen the width of my blog posts for a while now and the non Blogger template I was using wouldn't allow Blogger to alter the settings.. fair enough, but with my technical support away at University these days.. I thought I'd have a bash myself.. and one thing sort of lead to another..!!

      I hope you like it.. for now..!! Still working on the fonts and colours..

Thanks as always for your wonderful support I appreciate everyone's comments & thoughts. Gez oxox


  1. Oh Gez, I love it. The heading is super cool and bright and gorgeous, look forward to seeing what you pop on it.

  2. It's weird.. the header is centered on Chrome & Firefox and slightly off on Explorer!??

  3. Whoohoo! a new techy person has evolved. well done.
    Joanne xx

  4. haha..!! Thanks Joanne..xx

  5. Looks great!! I love it! nice job!!!


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