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Monday, 22 October 2012

What a weekend!

Today, we face finding somewhere else to live.. due to an arson attack on a joining property.. not quite sure where we go from here the only thing I do know is the smell is just dreadful, it makes my eyes sting! We have been so, so lucky and are counting our blessings..

This was our roof yesterday.. (the left top window is/was my bedroom)

 Our window is the one in the middle..

 Two doors up from us and their roof also full of smoke..

 The property next door to ours.. billowing black smoke out the front window while flames were shooting into the air at the back of the property..

We just had time to switch off the gas before being evacuated in our pj's..

 Not sure where we go from here.. next door now has no roof or upstairs..

We had 6 fire engines another with a big ladder and a mobile incident unit
along with various police vehicles..

The smoke quickly spread into the distance..

A fire fighter about to go in with his breathing apparatus.. goodness, knows how our little cat was feeling, we didn't know if we would see her again..

Supplies for those needing a breather..

 One of the fans used to disperse the smoke from our house..

Not sure journaling is going to help me right at this moment..

Need to find a bed for tonight..

Hoping sharing a few pics on my blog is a start..

Somebody started this blaze and just walked away.. I can't get around that one we faced losing everything.... why??

 Gez oxoxo


  1. oh my, what a lucky escape... I hope you find somewhere quickly. Glad you are all safe though, take care. Hugs,Helen.

  2. Oh no Gez - glad you are all out safely and I hope you find a new place soon to get settled in...gosh can't imagine all the things that are going through your head sorting it all out, just glad that no one was hurt. Katherine

  3. WOW Gez, what a weekend indeed, but the main thing is that you are all okay.

    Hope you've found your kitty xxx

    Hugs Sam xxx

  4. That's so awful :( Glad you're all ok, hope your cat was alright too! Dreadful thing for someone to do, such a waste xx

  5. Oh Golly, Sending you huge hugs, Im so sorry for your loss, what an absolute nightmare for you,
    Love Hazelxo

  6. Oh my, huge hugs Gez..... Hopefully you can get sorted with somewhere to stay soon, and thank goodness you're all Ok! xxxx

  7. What is the matter with these people!?! Glad you are safe and well (hope you found your cat.

  8. what a horrible experience Gez. I am happy your family is safe now.Hope there isn't too much smoke damage to your home.

  9. I can only send lots of virtual hugs your way, and give thanks that you are all safe. I hope you find a place to stay soon ccc

  10. What a dreadful experience for you all. Hopefully you are all ok apart from the trauma. I hope you find somewhere to stay quickly.

  11. That's too too awful for words Gez! I can imagine how traumatic this must have been...can only hope you get sorted with at least a very comfy, safe bed tonight :)
    Biggest hugs
    xoxo Sioux

  12. Goodness Gez, what a terrifying thing that someone would start a fire and just walk away! So glad you are alright. Hoping things get sorted very quickly and that you are not too distressed by it all. x

  13. Gez x x What a shock it was to read this - glad you and the family are unhurt. Hope you find somewhere to stay until you sort this out. Those bloody vandals need a good slap!!!

  14. I really really feel for you darling and am just so happy that you are all alright, though you must be in shock! Sending you lots of hugs and wishing I was nearer to give you a roof over your head xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Just posted this and think it vanished, so apologies if I comment twice. That's horrendous and even worse as you went through something similar before.If you are still stuck for tonight then get in touch and you can stay at mine - seriously. I hope pusscat was okay of course.
    I'm afraid there are some mindless idiots out there nowadays, with no concept of consequences, responsibility or just basic awareness of right and wrong.
    Hugs, Lindsay x x

  16. How awful for you Gez...was reading all your posts last night and couldn't believe it!!! Keep smiling chick and be thankful nobody was hurt...it's about all you can do right now...thinking about you all...xxx

  17. What a shock - as you say it's difficult to understand how someone can light the fire and just disappear without a thought! Really hope that you find somewhere else quickly? X

  18. What a terrible ordeal for you and your family, glad you managed to get out unhurt physically but mentally I expect you're rather bruised. Good luck with finding accommodation xx

  19. Hells Bells Gez, it must have been horrendous by looking at these photos. Glad you are all safe and hope you find somewhere soon, however temporary. Hugs Annette x

  20. Terrible what happened, fortunately you are ok! good luck with finding a place to stay and i hope they catch the idiot who did it!

  21. Good grief! I'm so glad you were all unhurt - being without a roof over your head is quite enough without the extra stress of somebody having been injured. I wish I lived close enough to be able to do something to help but I'll just have to make do with sending positive vibes and wishes that by now you've found somewhere suitable to stay for a while.

  22. OMG Gez, you poor loves, what a crappy experience for you all but soooooo relieved to hear you are all safe. I'll echo Karen and Joanne by saying I wish I were closer and able to help more my darling, would happily have you stay for as long as needed. Thoughts with you all and here if needed honey.
    Huge huggles x x x x

  23. Oh Gez!!! This is dreadful for you all and my heart goes out to you. Thankfully you are all safe. I hope you soon find another place to settle. Take care of yourself.
    Love Scatz xx

  24. Oh Gez, So Sorry to read this post.
    Can I just tell you when this happened to my Mum and Nana (lad next door set his house on fire when he was drunk) it did take a while, but it was quicker than they first thought, before they were back in again. I hope that happens with you all.
    Just glad you are all ok.
    Hope they get the silly .....you know what, before he dies it again and this time hurts someone.
    Thinking of you. Debbiex

  25. just so glad that everyone's ok.xx

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Oh! Gez, this is awful! Glad you got out safely-so annoying(and worrying)that someones idiotic behaviour caused such damage! Hope you get sorted soon. Hugs Chrisxx

  28. OMG thank goodness you are ok hope you get everything sorted out soon!

  29. As I said on fb, just go to a hotel. I hope there is some sort of fund available ie victim's, because that will sort the short term, then the housing authority will have somewhere for you. I take it you've all been medically checked including vet checked! Warm thoughts from friends go a long way when there are problems, believe me.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  30. its amazing the silly lengths people go to without realising the consequences of their actions!
    i do hope no one was hurt, and i can imagine how much this has shaken you too :(

  31. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

    Smart thinking turning off the gas. I'm sure that helped things not get worse.

    Sending you lots of strength and positive thoughts.

    Take Care, what a thing to go through.


  32. I am so sorry to hear/see what happened. Cannot believe someone could do such a thing. Glad you are okay...please keep us posted ... {{{{{{{{{{{Hugz}}}}}}}}}}


  33. I know I don't know you personally, I enjoy your blog. but my heart still goes out to you and your family through such an ordeal then all the issues you've now to deal with. glad to hear you're all safe. x x

  34. Ohhhh my goodness Gez!!! I only just read your message. So much hope you're all ok and settled again by now. Wishing your very much strength with yet another ordeal xxx

  35. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Glad you got out safe and well and hope theres not too much damage done to your property!

  36. Sorry to hear about your awful expierence! thinking of you and sending big virtual hugs!!!

  37. oh so sorry for all that madness and glad you are all ok... what a weekend for your family..
    i bet the scrapbooking bear will have a unique story to tell..
    hope all goes well from here on out for you and your family


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