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Friday, 16 November 2012

Daring Cardmakers - Just beacause..

It's time for a brand NEW dare over at the Daring Cardmakers.

This week I am delighted to be your hostess!

My DARE to you is to make a card... just because.. 

I love to make cards for friends..

..it can be to let them know they are in my thoughts,
or to wish them luck, or to let them know how special they are too me..

I NEED to do this today... had some bad news yesterday about a house.. back to square zero..



  1. I am so sorry that you had bad news my lovely, but keep looking x

    But the plus side is that you created this totaly lovely card!!!! Any of your friends would be proud to display this on their shelf! HUGS xxx

  2. Thanks Karen.xx

    Sadly, there's no point in looking for somewhere else to live, we've been told no one would want to buy ours because of the state of next door and it being abandoned.. :o((

  3. The sentiment really makes this sooo fun! The image is great too. Fun card!

  4. Oh heck Gez! I'm sure I've heard something on our local news recently that your local council can perhaps force whoever owns the property to do something about it...it might be worth looking in to. Biggest hugs :)
    xoxo Sioux
    If I win the lottery you are on my list ;)

  5. Loving this card the bunny is too cute I also love the LO from previous post 'Deal with it' love it! Dawn xx

  6. Oh no Gez, I'm so sorry to hear you've had bad news about the house, but on the plus side, your card is gorgeous

    Sam xxx

  7. Sorry to hear about your house =(.
    But it looks like you followed your card's advice and you definitely created something beautiful.

  8. That's awful about the house Gez, sending hugs. The card however is beautiful xxx

  9. Really wonderful card. Hope you get some good news soon.

  10. What a beautiful card on the back of such frustrating news sweetie, happy thoughts and lots of huge huggles coming your way my lovely. x x x x

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  12. Ooh, your card is vey lovely... Like much the message too, perfect for you if you are sad because of your house project (hope you will find something even better later, it's often the case ! :). Best wishes, Coco xxx

  13. Gorgeous card Gez and a brilliant dare!

  14. Fabulous card Gez. I really enjoyed the dare. sorry you have had bad news


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