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Friday, 28 December 2012


Hi Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a lovely time relaxing.. 

I'm sorry for not being around much since Christmas Eve, 

I don't know whether I'm on my head or my feet today.. my little boy has been unwell since the weekend, yesterday I noticed a few red blobs and today he is covered in chickenpox spots from head to foot.. I've had a telephone conversation with the doctor so we have an action plan.. it does tear at your heartstrings seeing them so poorly and feeling so helpless.. I'm keeping a close eye on him and hoping to see some improvement asap.. he seems to have spots on top of spots as well as in his hair and ears and everywhere else.. be in touch soon xxxx

Hug your loved ones! Gez oxoxo


  1. Oh bless him Gez. I know it is something best got out of the way whilst they are young but Christmas just isn't the best time to choose to get it.[I chose to get it when pregnant with my last baby and that wasn't a good time either!] Hope your little man is soon feeling much better.
    Big hugs,
    A x

  2. Thanks Annie.. we don't do things by half do we!! xxx

  3. Aww bless him Gez, hope he starts to feel much better soon.

    Keep smiling, a new year is only round the corner.

    Sam xxx

  4. poor little thing! Hope he is better soon! Hugs Juls

  5. Oh poor Tom,I can sympathise as i got it as a 30 something year old and it was terrible I was really ill and my grand-daughter got it as a 2yr old and ended up in hospital so take great care of him as I am sure you are doing.xx

  6. I hope your little guy gets well soon! Take care of yourself too and don't get run down. It's so hard when your kids get sick!

  7. Aww! poor little love. It's rotten, at Christmas too. I had chicken pox when I was 6 and remember being walked home from school by the caretaker. I got it again when I was 39 and was really poorly then. couldn't get rid of the spots and was off work for weeks - that bit was good!! I hope Tom gets well soon and can play happily once more. Take care all round.

  8. The poor little dear. I did not get the chicken pox till my late 20's so I understand how you both must feel. I had lots of oatmeal baths and was covered in pink polka dots (calamine lotion). I hope he feels better very very soon.

    Do not apologize for taking a break no matter what the reason. I LOVE your work and now I have a chance to explore more of your blog. Thank you for all of the inspiration and for taking the time to share!


  9. Hi Gez hope your little one is feeling better soon! xx jo xx

  10. Thank you for everyone's kind get well wishes they mean so much to us both.xxxxx

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