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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Thank YOU!

..for everyone's beautiful and uplifting comments on my last post and journal page.. it felt like my chips were down.. my life feels like a house of cards or a row of domino's all in a line that someone has just knocked down.. just taking it one day at a time.. and wading through the fallout! 

  Thank you for believing I can make it through.. hugs, Gez oxoxo


  1. Gez, I must have missed your last post. Sorry to hear life is a struggle at the mo. I really do hope you're feeling more positive now and life is improving for you.....and if you really do need a wand I have one you can have :-)
    A x

  2. Yeah! Thanks Annie.. my fairy godmother as always xxxxxxx

  3. Hi Gez, I couldn't comment on your last post - don't know why! Have been thinking about you though and do so wish I could provide that magic wand! Your journalling and creative talent will get you through this - just hope it's sooner rather than later, hugs, Chrisxx

  4. We're still here hoping that the strength fairy finds you occasionally each day

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  6. Hugs sweetie, here always. So soz I forgot to comment on last post, have just checked, lol must have dreamed I did!! Your page is stunning and I do so hope it helped to vent everything a bit?
    Huge huggles my lovely x x x x


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