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Friday, 28 June 2013

1 more sleep... and some more sneak peeks!

Oh my!!!!

Tomorrow I make my debut appearance as a guest demonstrator for the Craft Range... excited, nervous, .....just know all my gelli prints will be mud pies!!!! I think I've felt just about every emotion this week... I know how fantastic the summer events are at the Craft Range and I sooooo don't want to let the side down......

I've been putting the Gelli plate through it's paces this week by finding different ways of using the Gelli plate and decided to play around with a few envelopes... as well as some other ideas! .. and I've made a tag envelope journal book... it will be on my desk tomorrow but for those who can't make it... here are a few pics :-)

I was delighted to get Dyan Reaveley's seal of approval, her stamps are just the best!!

I've also used some other stamps, all available from the Craft Range..
 .. come see!

Thank you for everyone's lovely comments & support this week xxx

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you've got planned and if you do manage to make it to the Craft Range tomorrow... please, don't be a stranger x x x
P.S.. you won't be able to miss me... I'll be the one making mud prints in the corner!!



  1. These are brill Gez and I can't wait to see how you did this envelope journal book and you wont be making any mud prints unless you walk them in from outside in all this rain.
    You will be fab xx

  2. How you can say you'll make mud pies when you create such a beauty as this, is beyond me. We'll all be carrying mud around on our shoes though, so if you fail with making mud prints we can help :-) x

  3. These are wonderful and so 'up my street'. However, I am a little frightened now knowing the Craft Range sell that type of stash. My dilemma is - do I leave my purse at home or bring it with me......
    Oh 'eck!

  4. haha! Joanne :D Want me to reserve a mushroom dabber! ;-)) xxxx

    Thanks everyone xxx

  5. stunning work Gezzy- good luck you will be great :)

  6. fab little book! Hugs Juls

  7. You go and have the most fabulous day my lovely! The nerves will soon drift away, HUGS xxx

  8. this looks fab x
    have a great weekend x trace x

  9. Bowl them over Gez x

    fabulous work just wish I could be there.

    have a great time.


  10. Beautiful Gez, good luck and have lots of fun

  11. This is so beautiful! Love it.

  12. Love the colors and the great envelopes!!


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