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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Last orders..

.. if you want to order pie & peas for lunch at the Craft Range for this Saturday!

I am seriously thinking about it myself instead of my planned salad!!!!

I've a little tease for you as well, as what the demonstrators are doing has been announced! 

I will be working with the Gelli plate and sharing what tips & tricks I've picked up along the way... I must say I really wasn't sure I wanted/needed a Gelli plate... d'oh!!!!!!

I've been having the time of my life making samples my only regret is that I didn't start earlier... my biggest fear for Saturday now is making mud prints.. the Gelli plate can throw out a few surprises and also the most amazing backgrounds ;D

So...... what do I share..... hummmmm.......

Apologies... if the photos appear a bit blurrey.. they were taken on my phone!

I've had lots of fun making my own masks and stamps and playing with colours ♥♥

I can't wait for Saturday! Hope you can make it?

Gez oxoxo


  1. those look fantastic gez.......really wish i could go on saturday.
    i hope you've done some video's to share with us ;)

    have a brill day on saturday xx

  2. Aww, I wish you could come too Tracy, one day we will get together :-)) xxx

  3. Just had a look at the link for the summer event. It's 'oop North' like I am! I haven't been to the Craftrange though and if you'll be there sharing loads of loveliness, I might have to ask 'him indoors' if we can have a break from the painting the house. My friend has just got a Gelli plate and goes on about it's greatness.

    These backgrounds are brill. Have a great day on Saturday! x

  4. Awe if Diane goes...give her a hug for me!!!!!

    Now then...just look at all that gorgeousness!!!! Such beautiful colours Gez, wish I could come too! HUGS xxx

  5. Wow, stunning creations. Good luck for Saturday.

  6. Stunning colourful work sweetie, you can see how much fun you had playing. Lol would love to be there to support you my lovely but way too far for me sadly, will be with you in spirit though.
    Huge huggles x x x x

  7. Ah ha! If there's hugs to be had, I might HAVE to go :-)

  8. Well Sadly I won't be there, it looks such fun! Dxx

  9. these look fantastic hope i get to watch you. I will be having the pie and peas lol xx

  10. Stunning results, Gez. Wish I could be there x

  11. Diane, hugs await you hun xxx

    lolol.. Linda, I am hoping to watch you too so we look well together!! I bet we get seperated.. hehe!!!!!!

    Thank YOU for everyone's kind wishes, I might just burst before Saturday at this rate!!!!

  12. These are gorgeous Gez and much better than when I've played with my plate. Maybe you could do a video or two for us southerners ;) xxx
    Good luck, I know you will be fab xx

  13. Awe, thank YOU sooooo much Kaz xxxx

  14. So looking forward to seeing you! I really don't think you could ever make mud-unless it's what you set out to do and even then yours would be the best mud ever!! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. It all looks fabulous!! Hugs Juls

  16. That looks wonderful !!! Have a great time Gez ! Coco x

  17. Thanks Chris, Juls & Coco.. big hugs! xxx

  18. Way to go Gez you will be fabulous - your samples all look FANTASTIC - would love to play with the Geli plate - if you demo again I would definitely like to watch. Have a great day. Polly xx


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