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Friday, 12 July 2013

New Happy place!

I'm in a new happy place with my art right now.... and loving every minute!

This is my first attempt at making my own journal from scratch, this is going to be the front & back cover.. I'm really happy with it so far!

                          It's going to be a long, lovely summer...... I can just feel it!

                                                  Have a great weekend, Gez oxox


  1. That looks fabulous Gez! Have a happy weekend. We (isn't that a nice word)...we are going to a party in the park this weekend in Brixham :)
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Ooh Gez how lush is that cover!!!!!! You go girl, nothing more satisfying than making your own.
    Huge huggles sweetie x x x x

  3. Awe..you have no idea how happy I am that you have found a 'happy place'...long may it continue with this absolutely beautiful work! HUGS xxx

  4. Just gorgeous Gez, can't wait to see what you do with it over the next Sunny, warm days. Debbiex

  5. This is amazing Gez. You are one truly talented lady.

  6. love love love this Gez, the colours and shading and texture and circles and writing and...and...did I mention I love it??! xxx

  7. so pleased you are feeling happy, your journal covers are certainly reflecting that. Enjoy xxx

  8. Just imagine the thoughts and arty work you can put in this journal this year. Things for memories to keep xx

  9. Loving your gorgeous covers Gez, Annette x

  10. Gorgeous bright colours - look forward to seeing more as you create the pages - enjoy your summer fun!

  11. Go Gez those covers are stunning. Long my the happy summer continue.

    x x



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