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Friday, 6 December 2013


... We're on the move!

Boxes, boxes everywhere!!!

Carpet fitters due Monday and then we can begin the move in earnest!!

We've been watching the progress of the houses coming along for a while and was very dissappointed to miss out on one due to my operation. They say things happen for a reason and we got offered an even better house!

No one at the back! and a gorgeous view of Pendle Hill at the front!

(Promise not to do a photo overload!!)

Sad news... Hubby doesn't think I can take my crafty welsh dresser... :(

(This was taken last week when I started packing everything away..)

We are thrilled and excited to be moving into a brand new build!
Oh, it smells lovely! or is that just me..!!

Part of the living room!

And a great big kitchen for crafty friends to gather round.. :-)

Here's me! Sore tummy and all!!

We are hoping to be in for Christmas! :-))

The first batch of boxes and furniture were removed today, I feel quite emotional, which I wasn't expecting, I've lived in my current house for 24 years, we've had all our Christmasses here, my Mum & Dad saw Tom take his first steps here... what are we doing???

 What a roller coaster!!!!!

Have a great weekend whatever your plans. Gez oxoxo


  1. Your boxes match ours :-) we are packing up our family home of over 65 years to move hopefully in the new year :-) good luck with yours Gez...but no lifting boxes!
    Annie x

  2. Happy new home.... enjoy!
    Suzi B x

  3. Congratulations and enjoy! I hear you about the memories of the previous house! I think about that when moving as all my family have been in this house for many a holiday meals and events and my pets as well in one way or another. They say change is good for the soul and memories always stay with you and grow in your heart! Happy Weekend!

  4. Happy New House! Take it from me - your memories don't live in a house....

  5. Hope the move goes well Gez and you are feeling a bit better. I like what Kathy said - your memories will go with you...x

  6. what exciting times! how exciting! it's going to be gorgeous!!

  7. Hurrah - first step taken. Won't be long before you're settled in. Big Hugs!!! xxx

  8. Good luck... hope it goes smoothly, and you settle in to your new home quickly.

  9. Great a new totaly new house! Wish you a very good time over there with a lot of creativity!

  10. Happy moving, I'm sure you'll have many happy years in your new home too xxx

  11. Such an emotional time for you. I stood in our old house last time we moved and burst into tears, it seemed so sad to be leaving it empty and alone. We did part ex and it was not sold for over a year after we moved out.
    You'll make lots of new memories but still have your old ones. xx

  12. It seems to be very exciting and very good news for you... Thanks for sharing Gez. Enjoy your new home, just in time for Christmas that's perfect time I think!!! Hugs, Coco xx

  13. raising a glass to you and new begingings. I hope you will be really happy in your new home.EE

  14. How lovely, I'm sure you'll make this house just as special as your last! Hugs, Jo x

  15. Good luck in your new home. Hope the move goes well and you'll soon get everything in its place. I've not moved for over 30 years and the thought of packing up my craft room puts me off, so you've been very brave xx

  16. I am thrilled for you :) You can build so many new and lasting memories in your fabulous house ;)
    Have a very, very happy Christmas!
    xoxo hugs from Sioux

  17. Happy new home, hope you will have a lovely CHristmas in your new home and a healthy and creative new year !
    Corrie x


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