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Monday, 24 February 2014

Something completely different ~ Scrapghan Lapghan!

There's a first time for everything! Today, I am sharing a crochet project on my blog.. I just had too!

Thanking all of my lovely Instagram friends who take the time to leave me supportive comments and likes.. I use Instagram to share my #wip's and "ufo's.. whether it be painty or woolly!!! I also, enjoy taking part in a popular photo challenge on IG. I LOVE Instagram!!!

A week ago, early one Saturday morning I don't know how or even why.. it's not like I needed a new project!!!! but long story short I found myself on a gorgeous blog looking at a tutorial pattern and knew straight away it was something I wanted to try!

I grabbed my bag of woolly scraps and started straight away!  ............... One week later and I have made a gorgeous little blanket for my little boy! 

It's not my first blanket... I normally make blankets to fit at least three of us so you can imagine they can get quite heavy especially, when you are only 6 er 7 now!!!! And trying to snuggle into them alone !!! So this one is little person size!!!

I think with being a Gemini I get bored quite quickly with granny squares. I love trying different patterns and even the odd hexagonal... oh how I just knew I would fall behind with the 2014 crochet challenge... I should have stuck to squares!!! I think that was one of the reasons I was browsing the internet last Saturday morning!!! I found a granny square with a difference.... it's a GIANT granny square... and... and... much to my little boys surprise... it's a square with a circle in the middle..... it was met with a Wooow!!! Off my little boy... I know I have a few more precious years left with him before he gets too big for Mummy's interests so I am really enjoying his company... as always :-))

I so wanted to write this blog post and link to Kate's blog Signed With an Owl where I found her gorgeous Squaring the Big Circle Tutorial. Kate has very kindly allowed me to link back to her post. I hope you like her blog and creations as much as I do... I am now in the process of making a Minecraft blanket.. hehe.. 

Here are some photos of my finished blanket. The size including the border is approx. 28" x 28" The border is taken from the Granny stripe blanket over at Attic24. Another of my favourite blogs!

Here is my finished blanket. Please remember it is made entirely from scraps.. had I thought about a colour scheme it would have taken me a lot longer than a week to make it.... I would probably still be deciding on colours !!!!

   ..... the border.... 

  I had sooooo much fun with this pattern.... Thank you again Kate so much, I know it is a pattern I will use again and again and again! xxxxxx

 Happy hooking! Gez xx


  1. This is just beautiful Gez!!! I love the colours. Tom must love it xxx

  2. That is gorgeous Gez , I love the pattern and the colors. Isn't it great when the little ones love everything you make :) Hope you are well my friend , hugs,Vicky

  3. Fun and funky, a great blanket!

  4. What a beauty Gez, you multi-talented thing you! Jo x

  5. It really makes my day to hear someone has enjoyed my pattern! Yours is just beautiful! Scrapghans are my favorite because they make you play with colors that you may not have put together, and the results are always surprising!

    I've been looking at all your other fantastic crafty makes, and am definitely adding your blog to my list!

    Happy crafting,
    Kate :}

  6. It looks gorgeous and I can see a lot more detail in these bigger photos. Glad Mr T likes it and I think the colours are fab. :)

  7. Oh my giddy aunt...stunning!!!

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